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Hotel Chronicles: Palac Kamieniec in Lower Silesia, Poland

Name of the hotel: Palac Kamieniec


Location: Klodzko Valley, Lower Silesia, Poland

Address: Kamieniec 47 57-300 Kłodzko

I’m delighted that Hotel Chronicles series goes on and it’s time for the second article. I was happy to partner with a magnificent place – Palac Kamieniec in picturesque Lower Silesia region of Poland

Hotel Chroniclesis a project about my stay in hotels. I will share with you my experience here, on the website as well as on my Twitter and Instagram

What is so special about this accommodation? There are few things worth mentioning, let me share them with you.

1. Palac Kamieniec is an actual 18th century palace with a colourful history

palac kamieniec

What is it like to stay in a real palace? Palac Kamieniec is a great way to discover!

Its history is as rich as the history of surrounding Klodzko Valley. The Baroque palace was built in 1780 and throughout the centuries belonged to several noble families

palac kamieniec
Historic entrance to the palace

Postwar years were heavy on magnificent palace and a lot of damage was done. Probably, it would stand devastated until today if in 2009 it wasn’t decided to bring a new life to the elegant building

After meticulous restoration works, now the palace shines brighter than ever offering a unique experience and fantastic views

You can discover more about the rich history of the place HERE

2. Splendid interiors

palac kamieniec

Warm colours, beautiful details and good taste is what characterises this place. It is destined to provide an experience to its visitors rather than a mere stay in a hotel. That’s why it not only looks like a palace, it actually feels like a palace

palac kamieniec
My room view

Every part of Palac Kamieniec is extra Pinterestable and super Instagrammable. And this is in itself a great design achievement

palace kamieniec
Instagram-ready visual delights

3. Peaceful setting

palac kamieniec
View from the open terrace of the palace garden

A stay in Palac Kamieniec feels very relaxing, offering a great rustic refuge from the intense city life

It is surrounded by colourful fields and picturesque hills that only add up to the overall peacefulness of the stay

palac kamieniec
View from my room

As an indispensable part of a palace experience, it offers a charming garden and a panoramic terrace

4. Gourmet touch of cuisine

palac kamieniec

Whether it is a breakfast, lunch or a coffee break, Palac Kamieniec provides exquisite gourmet experience

palac kamieniec
Just love how the breakfast looked

Fresh ingredients, simplicity of cuisine, home atmosphere and romantic views make your stay highly pleasant

5. Fascinating region to explore

palac kamieniec
Fascinating Książ Castle

Lower Silesia is one of the most interesting parts of Poland. It is a land of beautiful historic towns, splendid palaces, relaxing spas and natural wonders

palac kamieniec
Beautiful city of Klodzko

Palac Kamieniec is situated right in the heart of Klodzko Valley which makes it a great exploration base for Lower Silesia!

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