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8 Mysterious Undergrounds of Lower Silesia in Poland

Ranging from the labyrinths underneath the fortresses to the enormous tunnels dug by the Nazis in the WW2, Lower Silesia has an interesting selection of mysterious underground passages to choose from. The tourism revitalization in the area resulted in the opening of many tourist routes along the underground pathways.

That’s why Svitforyou in a partnership with Lower Silesian Tourist Organization would like to introduce you to the underground world of the Lower Silesia region of Poland with these 8 Mysterious Undergrounds!

1. Kłodzko Fortress

undergrounds of lower silesia

Website: http://www.twierdza.klodzko.pl/

Address: ul. Grodzisko 1, 57-300 Kłodzko

Why: with its vast network of underground tunnels and impressive looks, Kłodzko Fortress is one of the highlights of the Lower Silesian tourism. Go to the bastions for beautiful views of the picturesque Old Town of Kłodzko, go down for a 1 km maze of underground passages.

Cool thing to do: shooting from the old cannon

2. Kłodzko – Underground route

undergrounds of lower silesia

Website: http://www.podziemia.klodzko.pl/

Address: ul. Zawiszy Czarnego, Kłodzko

Why: undergrounds of Kłodzko don’t end in the fortress. In fact, during the old times, a series of underground passages were dug by the city inhabitants underneath the city centre. They were used for storing various goods. They also came in handy during the wars when the city dwellers used the passages as shelters. Today you have a chance to experience the underground world of Kłodzko with an interactive tourist route.

Cool thing to do: get scared by the animated rat 

3. Geopark in Krobica

undergrounds of lower silesia

Website: http://www.mirsk.pl/

Address: Krobica 90, 59-630 Mirsk

Why: enter the fascinating world of the ore mining descending into the shafts of the historic mines of the Geopark in Krobica.

Cool thing to do: see the preserved remains of excavations of tin ore 

4. The Underground City of Osówka

undergrounds of lower silesia

Website: http://www.osowka.pl/

Address: ul. Świerkowa, Sierpnica, 58-340 Głuszyca

Why: if you’re looking for mysteries, here, among the gigantic Nazi tunnels you find plenty of them. In the years 1943-1945 the Nazis started digging tunnels under the Owl Mountains in Lower SIlesia for the Project Riese. To accomplish the gargantuan plans of the elaborated network of underground galleries they used the force of hundreds of the prisoners of war. The true purpose of the project remains unclear with some researchers thinking that the tunnels were part of the plan to relocate Hitler’s headquarters to Lower Silesia. Anyway, you can experience it yourself entering the Underground City of Osówka.

Cool thing to do: underground rafting in military landing boat

5. Silver Mountain Fortress

undergrounds of lower silesia

Website: http://www.forty.pl/

Address: ul. Kręta 4, 57-215 Srebrna Góra

Why: nicknamed “Gibraltar of Silesia” for its foundation on the solid bedrock, hailing the title of one of the biggest mountain fortresses in Europe, the Silver Mountain Fortress is definitely worth a visit! Also, it boasts a network of underground casemates to give you some mysterious chills.

Cool thing to do: go on a night tour of the fortress

6. Drifts of Walim

undergrounds of lower silesia

Website: http://sztolnie.pl/en/

Address: ul. 3-go Maja 26, 58-320 Walim

Why: similarly to the Underground City of Osówka, Drifts of Walim are one of the remaining parts of the enormous Project Riese developed by the Nazis during the WW2. Here you can visit the three parallel tunnels as well as learn more about the history of Lower Silesia in WW2 and Project Riese.

Cool thing to do: see the model of the German flying bomb V1

7. Old Mine in Walbrzych

undergrounds of lower silesia

Website: http://www.starakopalnia.pl/

Address: ul. Wysockiego 29, 58-304 Wałbrzych

Why: a huge cultural and educational centre devoted to the rich history of the mining in once-industrial Walbrzych. A setting in a 18th-century mine adds up to the experience.

Cool thing to do: night tour of the old mine

8. Zloty Stok – Gold Mine

undergrounds of lower silesia

Website: http://www.kopalniazlota.pl/

Address: ul. Złota 7, 57-250 Złoty Stok

Why: fans of the underground fun rejoice, Gold Mine in Lower Silesia has a great offer for you! Here you enter the world of gnomes and alchemists, hidden treasures and real gold. Visiting a Gold Mine is a fun experience both for adults and for children. I mean, who wouldn’t want to ride a boat along the underground lake in a gold mine? I am certainly in!

Cool thing to do: if the underground boat ride is not cool enough, you can also engage in gold panning and see the treasury full of gold

This article is done in the partnership with Lower Silesian Tourist Organization

castles in lower silesia

Find out more information about the Route of the Mysterious Undergrounds HERE

undergrounds of lower silesia

All pictures were kindly given by the Lower Silesian Tourist Organization

Thank you for reading!

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