Where to eat in Zadar, Croatia: 5 great restaurants

If you’re looking for Mediterranean food, Zadar may be the best place in Croatia right now to try it. Combining trends with traditional flare, this Dalmatian city upholds the title of a Croatian foodie hotspot. 

Let’s me share with you the best places to eat out in Zadar, Croatia. 

As Croatia has become increasingly touristy, you should keep in mind this one advise: plan your visit carefully! There are many stories of disappointed tourists buying overpriced, distasteful food in a grumpy centrally located restaurants. Don’t be that tourist, research beforehand where you go. This is what this article is for, to guide to around the good value places in the city that have a local soul. 

Alright, let’s go. 

For seafood: 2 Ribara

where to eat in zadar

Website: https://2ribara.com/

Why: this one is for the black ink risotto. The yummiest thing to try while you’re in Zadar. Add some local wine to it and delicious starters and you have a perfect evening in the Old Town. 2 Ribara (translated as 2 fishermen) is a great pick right in the city centre for a high-quality seafood restaurant. They are on the pricier side of things but it’s definitely worth it and you can be sure you won’t be scammed here. 

Prices: here’s their MENU

For pizza: Tri bunara

where to eat in zadar

Website: https://tri-bunara.business.site/

Why: Italian influence may be way behind Zadar but one thing stays true, pizza has firmly placed itself at the core of the local cuisine. And Zadar does pizza better than everybody else. Crusty, simple and extremely savoury, going for a pizza is always a great idea for the evening. Tri bunara will be delighted to make your pizza experience pleasant. Rustic and heartfelt, this is just a good place to spend quality time and have a quality meal.

 Prices: you can get a glimpse of their prices HERE

For all things local: 4 Kantuna

where to eat in zadar

Website: https://www.restaurant4kantuna.com/

Why: as you might have noticed, Zadar has a tendency to name restaurants with numbers. 4 Kantuna continues the previous restaurant’s tradition to give you the best gastronomical experience in this charming seaside city. Come here for a rich menu of the local dishes. Whether you’re opting for meat or fish, in 4 Kanuna you’ll have a good fare at a decent price. Add to this a super central location and here’s your universal local restaurant that delivers amazing food. 

Prices: here’s the MENU

For the evening out: Hedonist dining & hangout 

where to eat in zadar

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Hedonist.dining.hangout/

Why: casual atmosphere, great food, positive vibes and a wide array of events organized, this spot is a go-to place for having a great time in Zadar. Their burgers and spare ribs are top-notch, their parties are fun. Hedonist is a good idea if you want to have a great evening out with friends.

Prices: get a glimpse of their menu HERE

For a great food on a budget: Gricko Grill

where to eat in zadar

Website: https://www.facebook.com/grickogrill/

Why: if you’re on a budget it doesn’t mean that you can’t have amazing Croatian food in Zadar. Tucked away from the Old Town, Gricko Grill will introduce you to the delights of the local cuisine with an affordable price tag. They serve everything grilled so brace yourself for delicious cevapcici (Balkan-style kebabs), steaks of different kinds and burgers. 

Prices: find their menu HERE

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4 thoughts on “Where to eat in Zadar, Croatia: 5 great restaurants”

  1. Your post is making me very hungry, Pavlo! Croatia is great for food. I also liked Canzona Trattoria on Stomorica in Zadar as they had a great mix on the menu. The staff were friendly and efficient, and the prices very reasonable as well.

  2. Well you try to do your best but as a turist you do not know the best places. The best restoran is Niko and best pizza is in Sime. So far from Zadar guy.

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