best cheap eats in lviv

Best cheap eats in Lviv: 9 great places if you’re on a budget

Are you looking for the best cheap eats in Lviv? Because if you are, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best places to eat in Lviv on a budget. 

For Ukrainian food – Puzata Khata

best cheap eats in Lviv
Classic borsch and Chicken Kyiv at Puzata Khata in Lviv

Why: this one is legendary. It’s a household name in Ukraine serving a great fare of local cuisine at reasonable prices ever since… I remember living in this world.

Basically, I used to go to Puzata Hata when I was at school, then when I was a student and I occasionally visit it for some varenyky now too. It’s just there for budget meals and it never fails you (alright, maybe once or twice soup was cold but that’s it really). Among the best cheap eats in Lviv for sure. 

What to eat here: get borsch and a home cutlet with buckwheat for under 5 USD

Where: here

For a pancake – La Creperie 

Why: if a pancake is everything you want, choose this place. Conveniently located on the vibrant student-filled Sichovych Striltsiv street it is steadily delivering one of the best (and cheapest) pancakes in the city. 52 UAH for the one with cheese and mushrooms? Count me in. Also, you can get coffee here and there are a few tables to sit at. 

What to eat here: Italian pancakes with mozzarella arugula are pretty good. For sweet stuff take Nutella + banana. 

Where: here

For a soup and vegan delights – Supkultura

best cheap eats in Lviv
Moi with Cheese Soup in bread at Supkultura Lviv

Why: this one is quite an original among Lviv’s cheap eats. They serve soups in bread where all you have to do is to eat the whole thing in its entirety. Also, Supkultura has falafel and salad. Everything under 80 UAH, so very very cheap. And yes, it’s delicious and you have a nice feeling afterward. You can congratulate yourself on eating healthy, so what’s not to like about this place?

What to eat here: my favorite is the Cheese Soup for 65 UAH (2.5 USD) so try it and let me know. 

Where: here

For Galician food budget experience – Trapezna Legend

Why: situated in the basement of a monastery and boasting an interior heavy on candlelights and religious paraphernalia, Trapezna Idey is one of the best and cheapest restaurants with authentic local cuisine. Here you can try superstars of Lviv food without spending a fortune. Also, they are a welcoming alternative to touristy restaurants around Rynok square. 

What to eat here: varenyky with potatoes (traditional Ukrainian dumplings) are amazing so have them. Price is 55 UAH

Where: here

For another pancake – Pancakes at Bernardyniv Square

Welcoming lights promising a tasty pancake

Why: you see, for some reason, Lviv loves to eat pancakes and there are just many places that are affordable and sell great food. So if you’re on the other side of the center, next to the St. Andrew’s church, be sure to try out another pancake place. The prices are ridiculously cheap, the quality is certified tasty. 

What to eat here: try pancake with chicken and mushrooms for under 2 USD and get stuffed for the whole day

Where: here

For pizza takeaway – Silpo

Why: okay, this one is when you’re really on a budget. I know, supermarket food is not something that you think about having in Ukraine but pizza in Silpo (Ukrainian supermarket chain) is attention-worthy.

It is very cheap (you can get Hawaii for 76 UAH), the size is generous to say the list and there is taste (very important if we’re talking about the supermarket food). So grab your takeaway pizza and go to the Vysoky Zamok viewing platform enjoying it with the Lviv view underneath. 

What to eat: Pizza. There are many variations. Choose your favorite and it’s always less than 150 UAH.

Where: here

For Georgian food – Hruzynsʹkyy Khlib

Why: getting khachapuri for under 30 UAH is a great deal if you ask me. Sure, it’s greasy and unhealthy but hey, it tastes great and, most importantly, it tames your hunger pretty well. Hruzynsʹkyy Khlib stands and street food places are selling freshly baked Georgian bread.

Also, they have different sorts of baked Georgian stuff like Lulya Kebab and Kubdari. Still, I would suggest focusing on the one with cheese only like Khachapuri Megreli. The chain has many places throughout the city. 

Where: here (for example)

For fancier Georgian food but still on a budget – Khinkalynya 

best cheap eats in Lviv
Georgian food perfection at Khinkalynya

Why: you know, I love Georgian food (even more than pancakes). That’s why I’m including Khinkalynya too, a popular franchise that can be found in many Ukrainian cities. You can get great khinkali (traditional big Georgian dumplings) here and they are mouthwatering coming in three variations with meat, with meat and greens, with cheese.

Also, they have other dishes like khachapuri, soups, and mains. Everything is affordable and you won’t go bankrupt here. It is among the best cheap eats in Lviv for sure.

Where: here

For Vietnamese food – Saigon Cafe

Why: it’s great to have some Pho Bo once in a while. Traditional Vietnamese soup is appetizing and nurturing. It’s even better when you can find it for a not-so-expensive price and still have it done well. That’s Saigon Cafe, Lviv’s best budget Vietnamese joint that has many different dishes to choose from. Be sure to pair your main dish with dripped Vietnamese coffee. 

What to eat: PHO. Eat Pho for under 100 UAH.

Where: here

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