reasons to visit Zadar

5 amazing reasons to visit Zadar, Croatia

With scoring 9th place in the annual Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list for 2019, Zadar gets into the spotlight of interesting Croatian destinations. And righteously so as this seaside town is one of the most fascinating places to visit in this sights-packed Mediterranean country. Impressing with ancient history, swinging with upbeat nightlife, treating visitors […]

places to visit on korcula

4 amazing places to visit on Korčula Island, Croatia

Croatia has no shortage of beautiful islands and Korčula is one of the country’s jewels. With wonderful natural views, historic cities and pristine beaches, this island is a great idea for a destination in Croatia. It offers endless exploration possibilities and it is unlike any other island in the country. Let me share with you

zadar region

5 great things to do in Zadar Region, Croatia

While Zadar as a city remains relatively unexplored standing in the shade of the likes of Hvar and Dubrovnik, the region that surrounds it stays a terra incognita for tourists coming from abroad. I visited it a week ago and can confidently say that Zadar Region is a thrilling and beautiful part of Croatia that

around plitvice lakes

4 great places to visit around Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a natural wonder, a UNESCO World Heritage site and with no doubt one of the most valuable treasures of Europe. The majority of visitors come here on a day trip, most of the tourists visit this national park during the peak season in the summer and spend not more than

art nouveau in zagreb

Art Nouveau in Zagreb: Croatian State Archives (Gallery)

A true gem of Art Nouveau in a perfect condition awaits you in Zagreb. It is the magnificent building of the Croatian State Archives – the most impressive example of Art Nouveau in Zagreb. Built back in 1913, it hasn’t lost its opulence today. Step into the kingdom of symmetric lines, colourful tiles and elegant pannos!

vegetarian restaurants in zagreb

TOP 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is a great city for a foodie. There is a great choice of different cuisines. Although Croatian national cuisine relates heavily on meat, green food is also firmly present. Let me share with you TOP 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Zagreb! 1. Vegehop Website: Address: Vlaška ul. 79 Why: Vegehop is everything you can ask for when it

old streets of trogir

12 old streets of Trogir, Croatia (Gallery)

Trogir is a very beautiful historic city. Walking around the Old Town is a pure delight. Getting lost in the labyrinth of the ancient streets is a pleasure. Let me invite you to get lost in Trogir with this gallery of 12 beautiful old streets! Check out my article about 5 beautiful things to see

cheap eats in zagreb

TOP 5 great cheap eats in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is a great city. In fact, it is so good that Lonely Planet made it a winner in Best in Europe 2017 list. That means, among other things, that you should definitely come and explore the Croatian capital this year. To facilitate the exploration process and give you a choice of great cheap eats I

reasons to visit zagreb

5 amazing reasons to visit Zagreb, Croatia

It is no secret that Croatia is a tourism powerhouse. With pristine Adriatic sea, splendid historic cities, charming countryside and amazing nature, this small country is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe. With the majority of tourists flocking to the seaside towns, Zagreb often doesn’t get the attention it truly deserves. But it

reasons to visit Omiš

5 great reasons to visit Omiš, Croatia

In a place where Cetina River gloriously meets the Adriatic sea, lies a small Croatian city of Omiš. It has all the features to be one of the most epic destinations in Croatia: the views, the sea and the mountains. With a rich pirate history and picturesque Old Town, Omiš is one of the most

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