Places to visit in Lviv
Places to visit in Lviv

Places to visit in Lviv in 2021: a definitive guide

It is easy to lose yourself in many amazing places to visit in Lviv, this city doesn’t disappoint when it comes to attractions. Here are some of the best things to see in Lviv for all kinds of interests.

For an architectural orgasm: Lviv Opera

Why: stunning on the outside and inside, Lviv’s postcard-perfect opera house is a sight to behold. Designed in the gracious Rennaissance Revival style, it is one of the most recognizable and beloved attractions of this Western European city. Be sure to take an obligatory picture in front of the recently renovated fountain to the accompaniment of classical music.

Although super touristy and crowded, Lviv Opera never disappoints.

Insider tip: you can’t miss what it is hiding behind the doors. Buy a ticket to one of the events and prepare to be surprised by the rich interiors (and the fine performance too)


You can book tickets online.

For a splendid photoshoot: House of Scientists

Why: the staircase. I really mean it, the staircase of this elegant 19th-century building is the place wedding photographer’s dreams are made of. Interior heavy on wood, chandelier light, and lots of red colors around a magnificent place to snap a few pictures. Come for the staircase stay for Bredgerton-like halls of this former casino-turned-House of Scientists.

It is one of the open secrets of Lviv. Many locals know about it, have seen it many times in the photos of their friends but never actually been there. As for the crowds, in 2021 you shouldn’t encounter any queues for the photo-op, the city has just started with post-COVID tourism recovery and you will be fine. Definitely one of the most original places to visit in Lviv.

Address: Lystopadovoho Chynu St, 6, Lviv, 79000 (Google Maps Link)

For a cup of the fine specialty coffee: Black Honey

Why: while Lviv has the fame of the coffee capital of Ukraine, it is not usually the case. Many coffee shops in the Old Town just pretend to serve a good coffee shamelessly using this fame to serve not-so-good one. If you’re into alternative and specialty you will love Black Honey, a chain that leads the high-quality caffeinated drink establishments around the city. The designs are minimalist, the locations are top-notch and the aftertaste is wonderful.

Where: one of the coziest is situated in the Kryva Lypa passage (Kryva Lypa Passage, 3, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000, link)

Prices: espresso is 32 UAH at the moment

For the uncanny Lviv viewpoint: Nebesna Sotnya Heroes Memorial

Why: okay, Lviv is built on the hills so you get many amazing viewpoints. And nothing can beat the panorama from the top of the City Hall or the sky-level terrace of the High Castle (so be sure to check them for starters). But one of the best ones (and the one you don’t have to lose breath climbing) is Nebesna Sotnya Memorial just a few minutes off the Old Town.

But first of all, it’s a place of remembrance of Nebesna Sotnya Heroes (Heavenly Hundred), people that died during the Euromaidan Revolution of 2014.

So get there (preferably at sunset) and enjoy the spectacular all-encompassing view of Lviv.

Where exactly: here’s the Google Maps link

For the best terrace in Lviv: CLOUD no.7 Panorama

Why: sometimes you want to have a great city view dining at a fine restaurant with a terrace. CLOUD no.7 Panorama is this place in Lviv, a quality institution that suits well both a relaxing breakfast outing, the night out with a DJ, karaoke or a fancy dinner. All accompanied by the unparalleled view of the city from (you guessed it) the 7th floor. The prices are not on the cheaper side, but not on the splurge side either.

Their website:

For pizza: Marevo and Tisto

Why: these two pizza joints come together because it’s really hard to decide who’s better, both are serving great Italian fare. Tisto is smaller, Marevo has more place inside and outside. Both are right in the heart of the Old Town. Both are cozy with smiling staff and mouthwatering pizza proposition prepared in wood-fired ovens. So choose yourself or just visit both. One of the best places to visit in Lviv for culinary buffs.

Websites: Tisto and Marevo

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