5 Reasons to Visit Wroclaw, Poland

I would like to start by saying that I really love Wroclaw! It is an amazing, vibrant Polish city with rich history, unique blend of cultures and splendid architecture. That’s why I would like to share the 5 reasons to visit Wroclaw.

1. Fairytale architecture

one day in wroclaw

When walking the old streets of Wroclaw you feel like going back in time and falling into the world of fairytales. Just look at the Old Town Hall above. It was built in the 13th century and is one of the main landmarks of the city.

2. UNESCO World Heritage

things to do in Wroclaw

This is a Centennial Hall. In 2006 it was included in UNESCO World Heritage list as ”a pioneering work of Modern engineering and architecture, which exhibits an important interchange of influences in the early 20th century, becoming a key reference in the later development of reinforced concrete structures“.

3. Aula Leopoldina

reasons to visit wroclaw

This is a breathtaking auditorium of Wroclaw University. Built between 1731-1732, it never ceases to impress with splendid sculptures and stunning paintings. Imagine studying in such a room.

4. Dwarves of Wroclaw

reasons to visit wroclaw

There are many dwarves in Wroclaw. The first one appeared in 2005 being a symbol of Orange Alternative (Polish anti-communist movement). Since then many new dwarves emerged in the city and now you can go for a “Hunting for dwarfs” as a part of your Wroclaw sightseeing routine.

5. Ostrów Tumski

reasons to visit wroclaw

Oldest and most charming part of Wroclaw. In English “Ostrów Tumski” means Cathedral Island. Connected to the rest of the city by the bridge, Ostrów Tumski is a beautiful place to take a peaceful walk among the ancient Polish cathedrals strolling the narrow streets.

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