5 reasons to visit Spis castle in Slovakia

Eastern part of Slovakia has many amazing things to offer. Beautiful old cities, splendid churches, delicious food. But one of the breathtaking highlights of this region as well as Slovakia as a whole is impressive Spis castle. Here are the 5 reasons to put it in your must-see list:

1. Impressive look

spis castle

Just look at its majestic beauty! I would say that it is the most beautiful castle I’ve ever seen. Perched on top of the hill, set in the picturesque valley, Spis castle is a perfect castle destination. It looks as if it stepped right out of fairytales or fantasy books.

2. Rich history and UNESCO protection

spis castle

Although right now there are only ruins, castle witnessed many historical events. It was built in XII century. Castle stands on ruins of a former Celtic (later Slavic) hill-fort that had existed here already a long time ago.

“Before 1464, it was owned by the kings of Hungary, afterwards (until 1528) by the Zápolya family, the Thurzó family (1531–1635), the Csáky family (1638–1945), аnd (since 1945) by the state of Czechoslovakia then Slovakia” 

3. Biggest castle in Central Europe

spis castle

Considering how many castles there are in Central Europe it is a pretty big deal. Also Spis castle is one of the largest castle complexes in whole Europe. And this is indeed something to be proud about.

41 426 m²area of Spis castle

4. Beautiful surroundings

spis castle

Spis castles is situated above the town of Spisske Pohradie and the village of Zehra. It overlooks the hills and valleys of magical Spis region. When you are on the top of the hill the surrounding views are spectacular!

5. Perfect hiking destination

spis castle

If you are into hiking or you would like to have a nice walk up the hill – Spis castle is the right destination for you! I hiked up to the castle and really enjoyed the experience. You can admire the panoramas over the Spisske Pohradie town with UNESCO protected Spisska Kapitula, the beauty of surrounding hills and valleys and the majestic grandeur of castle itself.

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