One Day in Levoca, Slovakia

There are many beautiful places to visit in Slovakia. This Central European country offers plenty of interesting choices in terms of sights. Today I would like to take you to the city, I personally believe to be one of the underrated gems of Slovakia. Today I would like to talk about one day in Levoca in Presov region of Eastern Slovakia.

Some fantastic facts about Levoca:

  • The world’s highest wooden altar is found in local St. James church
  • Levoca has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009
  • In the medieval times being a free royal borough Levoca traded with Krakow, the Hanseatic towns and with Venice

Let’s start our walk, shall we?

Levoca is a walled city and that’s really cool. It places this Slovak city to the equal foot with the likes of Bruges and Dubrovnik:

one day in levoca

Upon entrance you see the beautiful Baroque Church of the Holy Spirit:

one day in levoca

Being in the Levoca Old Town you can really feel the medieval vibe:

one day in levoca

The main square is typical for the majority of Slovak cities – it is one big and wide street where all the monuments are located:

one day in levoca

Actually it is one of the biggest medieval squares in Central Europe:

one day in levoca

Here you can spend hours looking at the beautiful houses. Like this one, for instance:

one day in levoca

That’s a Thurzo house

“This Renaissance palace was built in the 15th century and was owned by one of the leading Hungarian magnate families – Thurzo family”

The true highlights of Levoca are those two buildings:

one day in levoca

First one in the back is a St. James church  from the 14th century, which is one of the most important sacral buildings in Slovakia

“The Late Gothic wooden main altar of St. James with the height of 18.6 m is the highest of its kind in the world. It was made of lime wood in 1507-1517 in the workshop of Maestro Pavol of Levoca. Maestro Pavol is said to have depicted himself as one of the statues of the twelve apostles in the exquisite composition of the Last Supper scene in the altar`s predella.”

The second building is the Old Town Hall:

one day in levoca

It is one of the most preserved and prominent buildings of secular Renaissance architecture in Slovakia

Here’s a street view:

one day in levoca

In other words, Levoca is one of the most picturesque and charming destinations in Slovakia and it is waiting for you to start exploring its secrets!

one day in levoca

Thank you for reading!

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