5 reasons to visit Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia

Spisska Nova Ves is not a city which instantly pops in mind of tourists when they think about Slovakia. Moreover, after many years of visiting this Central European country, I discovered Spisska Nova Ves only now. And I must say that I was positively surprised by this little Slovak town. That’s why I would like to share the 5 reasons to visit Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia!

1. Longest lenticular square in Europe

spisska nova ves

As in the majority of Slovak towns, the main street in Spisska Nova Ves is the one where all the tourist attractions are situated. In fact, it is the real vibrant heart of the city. Colorful houses, cozy cafes, different museums. But Spisska Nova Ves went further having the longest lens-shaped square in Europe!

2. Tallest church tower in Slovakia

spisska nova ves

As you can already feel, this city is all about breaking records. Right in the city center stands beautiful Church of the Virgin Mary’s Ascension with the Neo-Gothic tower. It looks impressive and is a highlight of the Old Town.

87 m – the height of the Church’s tower”

3. Splendid Art Nouveau architecture

spisska nova ves

With its grandiose look and impressive shapes, Reduta Theater is a unique example of Vienna Secession architectural movement and one of the most beautiful buildings in whole Slovakia. Definitely a must-see for all the architecture lovers!

4. Spis museum

spisska nova ves

To better understand the history and cultural heritage of Spis region, there’s no better place than Spis museum in Spisska Nova Ves. Firstly, you can admire curious building with an amazing facade. Secondly, you should explore the rich exposition inside.

5. Proximity the main attractions of the region

spis castle

Magnificent UNESCO protected Spis castle is just 15 minutes away, Slovensky Raj National Park is 10 minutes away, another Slovak tourism gem Levoca is 20 minutes away. Spisska Nova Ves is a perfect place to start exploring all the wonders of the Eastern Slovakia!

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2 thoughts on “5 reasons to visit Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia”

  1. It’s refreshing to see article like this about my home town. It’s true tourists usually do not end up here, despite all the reasons stated:’). I suggest to visit in the summer too.

    1. Thank you very much for such feedback! I indeed very liked Spisska Nova Ves and would love if more people discovered this beautiful city! 🙂

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