7 reasons to visit Bratislava in Slovakia

I really love Bratislava! It is a modern capital of European state – not too big, not too small. Cosiness is what lures to the capital of Slovakia. Bratislava is very welcoming, beautiful and interesting. Let me share with you 7 reasons to visit Bratislava!

1. Bratislava castle

reasons to visit bratislava

Situated on top of the hill, the Bratislava castle is a picturesque highlight of Slovak capital. Also, it is a powerful symbol of Bratislava. You can see it from every corner of the Old Town, it is the first thing you see when entering the city itself. After several reconstructions (last being finished in 2008) the castle right now is shining above Bratislava in its majestic glory!

2. Grandiose Cathedral

reasons to visit bratislava

The witness of the major events of Slovakian history, coronation place of many sovereigns of Kingdom of Hungary, St. Martin’s Cathedral is an impressive highlight of Slovak capital. It is also a largest and one of the oldest churches in Slovakia.

3. City of Palaces

reasons to visit bratislava

Palaces dominate the cityscape of Slovak capital. Their architecture is very diverse: Baroque Grassalkovich and Archiepiscopal Palaces, Classicist Johann Pálffy Palace and Neo-Renaissance Esterházy Palace. Be sure to check the magnificent interiors of Bratislava palaces!

4. Art Nouveau Blue Church

reasons to visit bratislava

Very unusual and interesting attraction of Bratislava – spectacular Church of St. Elizabeth built in Hungarian Secessionist architectural style. With mesmerizing blue facade, mosaics, majolicas and blue-glazed roof, the Blue Church is a must-see for all visitors coming to Bratislava.

5. Bizarre Socialist architecture

reasons to visit bratislava

Gigantic inverted pyramid building (Building of National Radio) – check! Colossal bridge with the UFO-like structure on the top (Most SNP) – check! These buildings are remains of the Socialist rule in Slovakia and love-it-or-hate-it kind of structures. Nevertheless, they are still there and would be a very interesting attraction for all the lovers of curious architecture!

6. Devin castle

reasons to visit bratislava

Perched on the hill, overlooking the Danube, Devin castle is one of the most picturesque buildings in Slovakia. It is one of the symbols of Slovakia, one of the oldest castles in the country and a spectacular historic site.

7. Charming Old Town

reasons to visit bratislava

Perfect for romantic walks, Bratislava Old Town is the heart of the city. Here you will find many cozy cafes and vibrant restaurants. Full of beautiful architecture it is one of the main attraction of Bratislava.

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