TOP 5 Things to Do in Debrecen, Hungary

Although Debrecen may not be the most popular Hungarian destination, still the second biggest city in the country has plenty of attractions to offer. Almost completely destroyed in World War 2, throughout the years’ city was thoroughly restored. Debrecen today is a calm middle-sized town starting to locate itself on the tourist map of Hungary. Let’s explore TOP 5 things to do in Debrecen!

1. Visit splendid Reformed Great Church

things to do in debrecen

Nickname of Debrecen is “The Calvinist Rome” because of the predominance of Reformed faith in the city. The main tourist highlight of Debrecen is imposing Great Reformed Church in Debrecen. With 1500 m² ground space it is the largest Protestant church in Hungary. Also, it has a great historical significance for Hungary as on April 14, 1848, Lajos Kossuth made the Hungarian Declaration of Independence

2. Walk along wide Piac street

things to do in debrecen
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The city planning of Debrecen is a bit different from other Hungarian cities. Here you can find big and wide central street where the majority of attractions are located. Take a relaxing walk to see the beautiful Art Nouveau palaces, elegant churches and plenty of Classicist buildings. With the occasional splendour of street’s buildings, it feels like walking in a mini version of Budapest.

3. Explore history of Hungary at Deri museum

things to do in debrecen
© eospower / Wikimedia Commons

One of the major highlights of Debrecen, Deri museum is a perfect place to discover more about the country and about the way of life of its inhabitants. Set in beautiful interiors of 1902 building, this museum offers historical and folk exhibitions as well as some prominent works of Hungarian art.

4. Eat delicious Hungarian food

things to do in Debrecen

Hungary is famous for its food. In Debrecen, you can experience the best of the country’s cuisine in numerous restaurants and bars. Taste magnificent Goulash soup and amazing Hortobágyi palacsinta – a savoury crêpe filled with veal.

5. Go to UNESCO-protected Hortobagy National Park

places to visit in hungary

Debrecen is a gateway to vast Hungarian Great Plain. It is somewhat 25 minutes away from one of the highlights of tourism in the country – Hortobagy National Park. This magnificent area was included in UNESCO World Heritage list for its biodiversity and untouched character. Definitely among the best things to do while you’re in Debrecen!

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