9 amazing must-see sights in Odesa, Ukraine (Gallery)

There is no other city like Odesa in Ukraine. And in the world too. This sea town is a unique crossroads of cultures, architectures and cuisines. “Saint Petersburg on the sea”, “Northern Palmira”, “Ukrainian Paris”, whatever angle you choose it will not describe the true essence of Odesa. It is just unlike any other city in a league of its own.

Here are the 9 amazing must-see sights in Odesa, Ukraine!

1. Potyomkin stairs and the Port

sights in Odesa

2. Duc de Richelieu statue

sights in odesa

3. Opera Theatre

sights in odesa

4. Passage

sights in odesa

5. Lanzheron beach

sights in odesa

6. Italian Courtyard

sights in odesa

7. Museum of the Western and Eastern Art

sights in odesa

8. Deribasivska Street

sights in odesa

9. Primorsky Boulevard

sights in odesa

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2 thoughts on “9 amazing must-see sights in Odesa, Ukraine (Gallery)”

  1. Odessa is a place I’ve wanted to go for a while as I’m interested in naval history and was on a list of places to visit on an aborted trip to Ukraine and Russia. These photos only fill me with regret at not going there at the time. Thanks for the article and your great photos

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