5 great reasons to visit Telč in Czech Republic

There are ordinary cities and there are cities that look like they are an illustration from a book of fairytales. I’m talking about Telč – a UNESCO-protected little town in the southern Moravia region of the Czech Republic. It is a visual delight and an extremely interesting day trip from either Brno or Prague.

Let me share with you 5 great reasons to visit Telč!

1. Colorful gingerbread houses

reasons to visit Telč

Rows of picturesque Baroque-Renaissance houses dot the main square. They are the trademark of Telč and truly beautiful architecture to see.

2. The Castle

reasons to visit Telč

A beautiful historic city can’t be full without having an imposing castle, right? Telč doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The Castle here is a masterpiece of Baroque and an amazing landmark to explore.

Find out more about visiting the Castle HERE

3. The views

reasons to visit Telč

Magnificent waterside panorama – check. Colorful square panorama – check. Panorama of the whole city from the church tower – check. Telč is a perfect setting for all of your Instagram dreams.

For the best views:

  • stand in the middle of the Main Square
  • go to the little bridge across the pond for the waterside panorama, an exact location is HERE
  • climb the St James’s Church tower

4. The underground

reasons to visit Telč

Under the square is a labyrinth of underground passages developed here from the medieval times. Intriguing? Definitely so!

Find out more about visiting the underground HERE

5. Exploring further

reasons to visit Telč

From Telč you can easily go further in the region making stops in Brno, Olomouc and Třebíč.

Thank you for reading!

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