5 great things to do in Zadar Region, Croatia

While Zadar as a city remains relatively unexplored standing in the shade of the likes of Hvar and Dubrovnik, the region that surrounds it stays a terra incognita for tourists coming from abroad. I visited it a week ago and can confidently say that Zadar Region is a thrilling and beautiful part of Croatia that deserves much more attention. It’s packed with sights, natural escapes, superb views and it is a home to great people.

Let me share with you 5 great things to do in Zadar Region, Croatia!

1. Exploring the rich history

Zadar Region is very diverse and that means that within the area of 50 kilometers you can have the sea, the valleys and the mountains. Everything is close here. That makes this region a perfect destination for relaxed exploration. There are many beautiful historic places to discover.

TOP 5 historic places in the Zadar Region

2. Enjoying the pristine nature

When it comes to the nature, Zadar region is one of the leaders in the country in terms of proposition. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the natural diversity here!

TOP Beach

The Queen’s Beach in the Nin lagoon – a beautiful sandy beach in the country of pebble littorals

TOP National Park

Velebit – co-shared with Lika region, Velebit is a mountain range with breathtaking panoramas and plenty of hiking trails to explore

TOP Island

Ugljan – famous for olive trees and pretty Adriatic vistas

3. Going on an adventure

The location of Zadar Region makes it a perfect setting for an adventure. And there’s just so many things you can do. That’s why the region slowly becomes the adventure center of Croatia with many different outdoor festivals taking place yearly.

One of the most interesting events held in Zadar region is the Zadar Outdoor Festival

When: 11-13 May 2018

Website: https://zadaroutdoor.com/

What’s there: a huge festival combining outdoor fun such as sunset runs, regatta, island trekking, kayaking with local music, food and wine tasting.

4. Taking advantage of Zrmanja river

Zrmanja is a relatively small river with an immense tourist possibilities. It runs through the picturesque valleys of Zadar Region and boasts spectacular canyons. Also, the river is perfect for rafting, canoeing and kayaking. Thanks to revitalization project co-financed from the EU funds, Zrmanja is quickly becoming a top-notch tourist area that can offer a lot for those who would like to profit from it.

Zrmanja Adventures Festival is one of the new initiatives to introduce Zrmanja’s potential for outdoors.

It includes rafting, stand-up paddling and running competitions. Perfect event for all the nature and outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Falling in love with Zadar

This city is unique and enchanting. It fantastically blends the Roman, Venetian and Austrian architecture as well as offers one of the best sea views in the whole country. According to Alfred Hitchcock, Zadar sunsets are the most beautiful in the world. Also, it is only here that you can find the Sea Organ that makes otherworldly sounds once hit by the waves.

Find out more about Zadar visiting the Official Website of the city!

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