4 amazing places to visit on Korčula Island, Croatia

Croatia has no shortage of beautiful islands and Korčula is one of the country’s jewels. With wonderful natural views, historic cities and pristine beaches, this island is a great idea for a destination in Croatia. It offers endless exploration possibilities and it is unlike any other island in the country.

Let me share with you 4 amazing places to visit on Korčula Island in Croatia!

1. Vela Luka

Why: if you’re taking the ferry from Split, Vela Luka would be the first thing you’ll see upon arrival to the island. Take some time to walk the narrow streets of this scenic town enjoying the relaxing island way of life. To better feel the vibe of this small town (which is actually the biggest one on the island) order yourself a coffee on one of the beachfront terraces and admire the surrounding landscapes.

Must-visit: Vela špilja is a unique cave that is regarded to be the most important cave site in whole Adriatic region

2. Blato

Why: located in the inner part of the island, Blato is definitely a city you shouldn’t miss while on Korčula. First of all, this tiny city is one of the best places on the island to get yourself into wine and olive oil tasting. Secondly, it is a place of a long history so be sure to check out the late medieval Sanctuary of the Blessed Mary on the main city square. Also, Blato is famous for the traditional sword dance performed by the local Kumpanija (sword dance society)

Don’t miss: Ethnographic museum “Barilo” – a unique private collection spanning over a century exhibiting the way of life of a Barilo family in Blato.

For the best pizzeria: Pizzeria Tinel

3. Prižba

Why: the best and most scenic beaches of Korčula are found here. Beachfront village of Prižba contains all the advantages of the Adriatic coast in one place – crystal-clear azure water, pebblestone beaches and untouched nature. Come here to relax from it all.

4. Korčula Town

Why: possibly, one of the most beautiful small towns whole Croatia, Korčula is a fascinating labyrinth of picturesque streets, high-quality restaurants, breathtaking sea views and rich history. Believed to be the birthplace of the famous world traveller Marco Polo, it is definitely a city that every modern traveller should check out!

For the best views of the Old Town: go up the Bernardo Bernardi steps to see the magnificent panorama of the fortified Korčula Town and the amazing natural surroundings

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