One day in Lublin: what to see, where to eat and drink

If you want to explore everyday Poland, midsize Poland with its beauties and cultural highlights, Lublin is a go-to city. Located a bit outside of the most popular tourist paths and yet very much accessible, this destination should definitely be considered by those who are looking for unexplored Polish delights.

One day is definitely not enough to uncover all that’s good in Lublin, nevertheless, it is enough to have a pleasant introduction.

Here is your guide to spending a perfect one day in Lublin!

What to see in Lublin in one day

Lublin Castle

one day in lublin

Why: Lublin Castle is a fantastic feat of engineering and one of Poland’s finest neo-Gothic edifices. Be sure to visit the Museum of Lublin located here showcasing the rich history of this city.


Holy Trinity Chapel

lublin in one day

Why: an absolute must while in Lublin, this church is a unique place that should get much more tourist attention. It is a Roman Catholic church with an Orthodox church interior with hardly any analogs in the country. This little chapel is the best example of a long history of coexistence of the Western and the Eastern cultures in the city.

Old Town Market

one day in lublin

Why: it is the most picturesque place in the city adorned by the magnificent colorful tenement houses. Also, it is the place where typical architectural style originating from the city is best seen, – Lublin Renaissance is the 16th-century architectural movement with distinct features like painted and spired facades.

Trinitarian Tower

one day in lublin

Why: for the best view of the Old Town climb the 207 steps of the superb 19th built Trinitarian tower at the edge of the Old Market square.

Krakowska Gate

one day in lublin

Why: while in Lublin you just can’t walk past this amazing medieval gate. In my opinion, it makes the best photo point in the city and can become a highlight of your Instagram report from Lublin. Also, be sure to visit another branch of the city museum that is located inside the gate.

Krakowskie Przedmieście street

one day in lublin

Why: the heart of the city, this street is the liveliest place in Lublin. Filled with numerous cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, Krakowskie Przedmieście is where you go out in this town.

Dominican Basilica

one day in lublin

Why: one of the city’s icons, the Dominican Basilica is an impressive architectural sight. Gracing the Old Town with the beautiful Renaissance architecture, it is worth seeing from the inside. Be amazed by its fantastic interior that is among the finest in the whole country.

Where to eat in Lublin

one day in lublin

Best pick for breakfast in Lublin

Pelier Bistro

Why: occupying a historic building on iconic Krakowskie Przedmieście street, having a slick Belle Epoque-inspired design, Pelier would be a great choice for a tasty and high-quality breakfast in Lublin.

Here’s their Menu

Best pick for lunch in Lublin (for soup lovers)


Why: soups are at the core of Polish lunch tradition. The best soups in Lublin are found in Ambaras. To be honest, soups they serve mostly soups. So why not try it out for lunch?

Best pick for a coffee shop in Lublin


Why: classy, beautifully-designed place with a great coffee proposition and a wide variety of desserts.

Best pick for a dinner in Lublin


Why: Lublin has been one of the most important Jewish centers of Central Europe. Mandragora reflects that with the best offer of the Jewish cuisine in the city.

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  1. You should see Lublin in summer. Fantastic events like Carnaval Sztukmistrzow (modern cirkus without animals) and colorfull streets, happy people!😀

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