5 amazing museums in Torun, Poland you should definitely visit

Torun is truly a fairytale city. With spectacular Gothic architecture, the delicious scent of the gingerbread on every corner and the best-preserved Old Town in Poland, this city should be in a bucket list of any traveler. But one thing is to see it from the outside, another is experiencing it and getting to know the history of the city in detail. That’s what museums are for. You can find many interesting museums in Torun, they reflect its fascinating history and give you an idea of a place.

Here is my TOP-5 of amazing museums in Torun, Poland.

1. Old Town Hall

Website: http://www.muzeum.torun.pl/strona-22-old_town_hall.html

Why: one of the oldest and most complete history museums in Poland, Regional Museum in the Old Town Hall is a must-visit while in Torun. It tells the history of the city through numerous fantastic exhibitions filled with artifacts of the past as well as boasts the best viewpoint in the town (the tower of the building).

2. Copernicus House

Website: http://www.muzeum.torun.pl/strona-26-copernicus_house.html

Why: Nicholaus Copernicus was one of the greatest scientists in the history of humanity. Torun has a direct link to him, the celebrated astronomer who changed the way we perceive universe was born here. Good news is you can visit the house where he (presumably) lived. Set in a Gothic burgher house from the 16th century, the Nicholaus Copernicus Museum talks about the life and work of the astronomer as well as reflects on the way of life of the medieval Torun.

3. Museum of Torun Gingerbread

Website: http://www.kopernik.com.pl/en/33/dzial_muzeum_torunskiego_piernika.html

Why: I have to be honest here, this museum was one of the coolest museum experiences I’ve ever had. Why? Because I was able to learn how to and actually bake my very own gingerbread. Which automatically adds to the appeal of this place. Also, there was a fascinating and very beautifully done exhibition on gingerbread, making of gingerbread and history of gingerbread. And who doesn’t love learning more about gingerbread? Oh, I’ve almost forgotten, gingerbread sampling is included in the price of the ticket.

4. House under the star

Website: http://www.muzeum.torun.pl/strona-32-under_the_star_house.html

Why: if you’re into museums set in the historic places, the House under the star would be great for your curiosity. It is located in an original 16th-century Gothic burgher house. There are all the features to take you back to the times of wealthy merchants, Hanseatic league and Teutonic Knights as well as a wonderful oriental collection with many beautiful items coming from China, Japan, India and Korea.

5. Mill of Knowledge


Why: completely different from other museums on this list, the Mill of Knowledge is more a scientific center than a museum. Set in a historic Richter Mill (one of the most important regional industrial architecture sights), meticulously renovated and turned into a contemporary educational interactive space, the Mill of Knowledge would be interesting both for children and adults.

Bonus: Artus Court

Website: https://artus.torun.pl/

Why: not a museum but a cultural center, Artus Court is an architectural gem of Torun and a place you would definitely want to see from the inside. It boasts fantastic interiors and a spectacular concert hall. Fortunately, you can easily walk through its elegant rooms buying a ticket for one of the numerous events that are held here regularly.

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