TOP 3 best cheap eats in Poznan, Poland (with prices)

While Poland may not necessarily feel as an expensive country (from the Western European point of view), Poznan is considered to be affordable even by the Polish standards. This bustling city situated right between Berlin and Warsaw is a go-to destination for foodies who want to experience more tasty meals for less. And the variety of things you can try here is truly astonishing. Cheap eats in Poznan come in all forms and sizes.

Let me share with you TOP 3 best cheap eats in Poznan, Poland.

1. Schaboszczak od Dziadka


Cuisine: Polish

Why: this place is a local legend. Translated as a “breaded cutlet from the grandfather” it is just that, a big, heartfelt portion of a top-notch piece of meat with a side. Take a traditional compote and some salad mix and you have one of the most local Poznan experience on a very tight budget.

Menu: Find it HERE

Price tag: 15 PLN (3.5 EUR) for a big portion of breaded cutlet with potatoes and salads

2. Pyra Bar


Cuisine: Poznan speciality Polish

Why: People from Poznan are jokingly famous in the country for their love for potatoes. Potato in a local slang is “pyra“. One of the city’s specialties is a dish called Pyra z gzikiem (boiled potatoes with cottage cheese) You can try it on a budget at Pyra Bar, a cheap eats hotpot of all the thing potato in the city.

Menu: Find all the prices HERE

Price tag: 15 PLN (3.5 EUR) for a fair potato dish

3. Bar Caritas


Cuisine: Polish 100%

Why: you cannot talk about the cheap eats in Poznan without mentioning the bar mleczny (milk bar). This is the heritage from the socialist times and is basically a super cheap canteen-type establishment serving simple and tasty (in the majority of instances) variations of Polish dishes. It is here that you come for affordable pierogis, schabowys and żurek. While there are not many places like this left in the city, choose Bar Caritas as central and a decent quality one.

Menu: it is constantly changing but you can get the idea HERE

Price tag: really budget-friendly. You can get the first and second course for as little as 10 PLN (2.3 EUR)

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