TOP 3 Cheap Eats in Budapest, Hungary (UPDATED 2024)

Hungarian capital is one of the most cuisine-diverse cities in Europe. Here you can find food for all tastes and paychecks. But sometimes you just don’t want to spend much and want to get a great food quality for a modest budget. Let us focus on the TOP 3 best cheap eats in Budapest to help you with your food planning.

1. Frici Papa – Best Among Bistro Cheap Eats in Budapest

cheap eats in budapest

A legend among Budapest’s budget food places, Frici Papa is a bistro that serves traditional Hungarian meals for a budget price. The portions here are big, and the quality of the food is great. Also, during the working days, they usually have the Napi Menü (daily menu) so you can save even more money and get nice Hungarian meals.

You can get an idea of their Menu HERE

The price of lunch: approx. 9-10 USD (3700 HUF)

Address: Király u. 55

2. Tüköry Étterem – Best Among Restaurant Cheap Eats in Budapest

best cheap eats in Budapest

Nice, budget place serving good quality Hungarian food. Not too cheap, not too fancy. Great place to taste the famous Hungarian Goulash soup! It is among the best cheap eats in Budapest.

Price of the cup of Goulash: 1550 HUF (4.36 USD)

Their Menu is HERE

Address: Hold u. 15

3. Bors GasztroBar – Best Cheap Street Food in Budapest

best cheap eats in budapest

Currently having the proud first place on TripAdvisor among the Budapest cheap eats. And this is for a reason. This GasztroBar serves tasty food for a reasonable price. Everything was very fast and without a doubt delicious. King of cheap eats in Budapest!

Prices: soup for around 1400 HUF (3.94 USD), baguette for 1600 HUF (4.50 USD)

Check their Menu HERE

Address: Kazinczy u. 10


Budapest restaurants have the magical thing called Napi menü which stands for Daily menu or lunch in other words.

Napi menü is usually cheap and tasty. You have a first meal + second meal + sometimes drink + sometimes dessert

Here is the website to look for the Napi menüs Budapest:

I know I know, it’s in Hungarian. But don’t get upset too soon. Let’s clear the things up.

Here are the days of the week with dates:

cheap eats in Budapest

Here we have the name of the place with address and price of the menu:

cheap eats in budapest

And finally here we have what’s included Daily menu:

cheap eats in budapest

Looks confusing, Hungarian names of the food are not something you know outside of Hungary. But also it is a great way to discover more about the local food proposition.

Thank you for reading!

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