5 fantastic winter activities in the High Tatras, Slovakia

Winter adventure feels great. I discovered this two years ago when I went snowshoeing with Erik from Adventoura Slovakia for the first time. Refreshing, calming, thrilling. I loved the experience and came back whenever I could ever since.

That’s why I’d like to share with you 5 amazing winter activities you can indulge yourself to in the High Tatras, Slovakia.

1. Dog sledding

Why: Cute huskies and fantastic mountain surroundings. You’re going in a sledge through beautiful snowy forest led by the pack of friendly dogs. Sounds exciting? It certainly is! Did it last year and it was an amazing adventure.

Find the tour HERE

2. Snowshoeing

Why: to me snowshoeing is about contemplating nature. You’re going through the thick snows in the special equipment at your own pace. This gives you a time to recharge, to plug off from the bustle of the big cities and just to be in the moment with the magnificent Slovak nature.

Find the tour HERE

3. Sleeping in igloo

Why: I mean, who didn’t like to get into some wintery fairytale and spend the night in the igloo in the mountains? I did. Fortunately enough you can do just that in the High Tatras with a new special tour offered by Adventoura with an evening hike to the igloo to spend a night gazing at stars and contemplating over the amazing panoramas.

Find the tour HERE

4. Skijoring

Why: this kind of winter activity was a bit unknown to me before coming to the High Tatras. It is an adventure where you ski being led by the horse. If you know how to ski and would like to experience something original and new, give skijoring a try. Because it is indeed a great way to spend your time in the High Tatras.

Find the tour HERE

5. Night mountain hiking

Why: I remember my days in the Czech summer camp when we used to go hiking in the forest at midnight. It was a truly amazing experience. You can hear every forest sound, you feel yourself as a part of nature. It’s a transformative experience that everybody should try at least once in life. You can do that with Adventoura hiking to magnificent Popradske pleso in the night.

Find the tour HERE

This article is done in cooperation with Adventoura Slovakia

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