Zadar Outdoor Festival Diaries: Day 1

It’s always great to come to Croatia. This year I had a chance to return to Zadar for the 3rd edition of Zadar Outdoor Festival.

Have you ever participated in an outdoor festival? If not, you should definitely try it. It is all about the fresh air, the friendly competition and ultimately having a great active fun surrounded by the fantastic Adriatic panoramas. At least here.

These were the disciplines at this year’s edition of the festival:

That’s the whole schedule:

As you can see, it’s all diverse and you can find all kinds of fun outdoor activities to choose from.

Let me show you how I saw the first day of Zadar Outdoor Festival.

I started my morning at the spectacular Church of St. Donatus, the heart of Zadar. It was founded in 9th (!) century, quite an ancient structure I would say. Every time I’m in the city I’m amazed.

zadar outdoor festival

The streets of Zadar combine the Venetian and Austro-Hungarian allure.

I had a decent toasty breakfast at OX, a new place in a narrow pathway in the heart of the Old Town. Came here twice in 2 days. It’s affordable, friendly and the food is tasty.

The city is ready for Zadar Outdoor Festival, banners are everywhere. Also, you can see many people wearing the festival T-shirts around.

Here it is, the official opening and the press-conference at the Zadar Tourist Board. Iva Bencun, the mastermind behind the Zadar Outdoor Festival and the director of Feral Tours talks to local journalists.

I have a few hours until the Sunset Run, the main event for today. I use it to explore the beauty of this seaside city.

Look at that cutie.

Zadar Sunset Run kicks off at 18:30, it comprises of two races, 5 and 10km.

You know what, while I run time after time, I’m not an avid runner. But here, in Zadar, running along this wonderful sea promenade, you really become a fan of running. You just can’t escape the undeniable charm of Zadar’s waterfront.

Here’s me and the finish line.

It was a great race, runners had fun, volunteers had fun and cheerleaders had fun.

Here’s why it’s called a Sunset Run.

Just a personal opinion, Zadar sunsets are among the world’s most beautiful ones.

The winners are awarded, the sunset is stunning with colors and the first day of Zadar Outdoor Festival is slowly coming to an end.

Catching some beautiful lighting on amazing St. Anastasia’s Cathedral.

How could I not mention and show you the Lignje Na Zaru (Grilled Squid) I had at Zadar-Jadera restaurant to wrap up the day.

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