reasons to visit uzhgorod

5 reasons to visit Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Uzhgorod is a unique city for Ukraine. Throughout its history it has been at the crossroads of empires and cultures. In the last 100 years Uzhgorod has been under Austro-Hungarian, then Czechoslovak, then Hungarian, then Soviet and finally Ukrainian rule. That’s why it is an extremely interesting city to visit. So I would like to […]

kiev metro map

Kiev Metro Map Guide: travel tips

Often the first thing every traveler sees in a big city is a metro map. Today I would like to guide you through Kiev Metro Map. You will know how to read, how to use it, how Kiev metro system works, how to buy tickets and on which stations the main Kiev attractions are situated. Quick

places to visit in ukraine

Top 5 Fascinating Places to Visit In Ukraine

Ukraine is a big country. One of the biggest in Europe, in fact. And it has many interesting destinations, including cities with long history and fantastic sights. Today I want to cover 5 fascinating places to visit in Ukraine. First of all: where is the Ukraine? Secondly: Is is safe to travel to Ukraine? You know,

ukrainian railways

Ukrainian Railways Guide: train types, online booking and tips

So you want to travel to Ukraine. That’s good. You want to use Ukrainian Railways. It’s good but with this guide it can be even better! Be sure to check my “Getting to Ukraine on a budget: practical guide” article for ways to reach Ukraine. Okay let’s start our Ukrainian Railways Guide. Buying a train ticket


Getting to Ukraine on a budget: practical guide

In this article I would like to talk about the cheap and easy ways to reach Ukraine. Unfortunately, because of the recent events Ukraine is often overlooked as the travel destination. However it has a lot to offer. Outstanding diverse nature, ancient cities full of history and hidden marvels, unique blend of cultures. Kyiv, Lviv,

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