Kiev Metro Map Guide: travel tips

Often the first thing every traveler sees in a big city is a metro map. Today I would like to guide you through Kiev Metro Map. You will know how to read, how to use it, how Kiev metro system works, how to buy tickets and on which stations the main Kiev attractions are situated.

Quick facts about Kiev Metro:

  • Has 3 lines and 52 stations
  • Carries 1.439 million passengers daily
  • One of the deepest stations in the world, Arsenalna (at 105.5 m or 346 ft)

Without further ado, here it is, the Kiev Metro Map:

kiev metro map

What do you think? Is it confusing? Is it simple?

First thing’s first, Ukraine is using a Cyrillic alphabet that’s why the names of the stations may seem a bit confusing at first. But there are English translations under every station’s name:

kiev metro map

Also you shouldn’t worry about missing your station, – all stations in Ukraine are announced in Ukrainian and English!


To enter the metro you should buy a token which is technically a ticket.

Price of 1 token is 4 UAH (0,14 EUR) (quite cheap, isn’t it?)

You enter the metro by throwing the token into the tourniquet.

You can buy a ticket either in the ticket desk:

kiev metro map

Or from one of the ticket machines:

kiev metro map

There are different kinds of ticket machines (at some stations there are computerized machines) but the principle is the same. You should put the exact amount of money as it is written on the machine (like on this, for example, it is 20 UAH) and you will get certain number of tokens. Outdated, inconvenient, but it’s like this.

Transfer stations

To get from one line to another you should use the transfer stations. They are all situated in the city center:

kiev metro map

The transfer is free of charge. If it’s still confusing, let me explain further. Say you want to step from Red line to Blue line. You should go to Kreschatyk station and then transfer to Maidan Nezalezhnosti station. All transfer stations have the information boards in English guiding your way to the transfer passage.

Inside the metro look for white boards with information:

kiev metro map

Here’s, for example, how Arsenalna metro station looks like:

kiev metro map

I think that these basics will help you navigate through the world of Kiev Metro.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Also you can use a credit cards like Visa PayWave or Mastercard PayPass to pay for Kyiv Metro on 8 central subway stations, it’s more comfortable. Just simply tap contactless-enabled MasterCard onto the turnstile validator.

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