daugavpils region

5 great things to do in Daugavpils Region

So you’ve read my article about the 5 reasons to visit Daugavpils, explored everything there and you want some more. That’s when this article comes in handy. The region surrounding Daugavpils is amazing. There’s nature, there’s history, there’s fun. To my surprise, exploring it was an extremely interesting experience, I had an awesome time. And […]


5 reasons to visit Daugavpils, Latvia

How much do you know about Daugavpils? Do you know, for example, that it is the second-biggest city in Latvia? Or that culturally it is a borderline zone between Latvia, Belorus, Lithuania and Russia? Most probably not. Because even in its own country Daugavpils is far from the most popular tourist destination. It is definitely

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