daugavpils region

5 great things to do in Daugavpils Region

So you’ve read my article about the 5 reasons to visit Daugavpils, explored everything there and you want some more. That’s when this article comes in handy. The region surrounding Daugavpils is amazing. There’s nature, there’s history, there’s fun. To my surprise, exploring it was an extremely interesting experience, I had an awesome time. And […]


5 reasons to visit Daugavpils, Latvia

How much do you know about Daugavpils? Do you know, for example, that it is the second-biggest city in Latvia? Or that culturally it is a borderline zone between Latvia, Belorus, Lithuania and Russia? Most probably not. Because even in its own country Daugavpils is far from the most popular tourist destination. It is definitely

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos: photos, videos and essentials

When I prepared a trip to Naxos I was baffled by the number of the beaches it had. Agios Georgios was one of the highlights. All forums, websites and Greece-themed resources were talking about how good the beaches of Naxos are but provided little of the practical information like whether there is a toilet on


How to get from Piraeus to Naxos: tickets, prices, practicalities

So I went to Naxos, one of the Cycladic island of spectacular beauty, calm sea and wonderful cuisine. I can’t say it was a hundred percent hassle-free process so I’ve decided to share with you my experience of getting from Piraeus to Naxos. Usually, it all starts in Athens. Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus


One day in Brussels, Belgium

Once Brussels was the city I wanted to belong to. As a student of the European Union’s hottest law school, the Belgian capital was the beginning and the end, the place where you dream to live and work in. In the end, I discovered that, in fact, Brussels may not be the city for me.


What to do in Mechelen, Belgium

Two weeks ago I had a chance to visit the magnificent Antwerp as a part of the press trip with Lublin Airport. While the capital of Flanders offers many attractions of its own, I am the type of a traveler who likes to constantly change the scenery and if there’s a chance to explore more, I

weekend in antwerp

How to spend a perfect weekend in Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium is a wonderful country. It has lots of fantastic architectural sights, the beer scene is amazing and the cities are beautiful. One of the most beautiful ones is with no doubt Antwerp, capital of Flanders as well as “diamond capital of the world”. I had a chance to spend a lovely weekend in Antwerp


Dušan Sloboda, the man on a quest to support Slovak farmers

We are sitting next to the fireplace on the outskirts of Poprad, Slovakia’s gateway to the High Tatras. It is here, in Pension Plesnivec that kindly agreed to host me, I meet Dušan, the local superstar of farming entrepreneurship.  We are having a chat because I am really curious about his venture with a simple

Plaka neighbourhood

11 photo reasons to fall in love with Plaka neighbourhood in Athens, Greece

Athens is a magnificent city of many sides that will be interesting for all the kinds of travellers. It has everything to be one of the hotspots of European tourism. What makes Athens really unique is its neighbourhoods. You can endlessly wander from one neighbourhood to another exploring picturesque streets, quirky details and beautiful corners.

museums in athens

5 fascinating museums in Athens, Greece

Athens is a city of full of culture and history. It is one of the centres of the Western civilization and has incorporated centuries of stories. Stories of architectural grandeur, stories of the art masterpieces and stories of the traditions of the people. The best way to uncover these wonderful stories is to visit the

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