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One day in Lublin: what to see, where to eat and drink

If you want to explore everyday Poland, midsize Poland with its beauties and cultural highlights, Lublin is a go-to city. Located a bit outside of the most popular tourist paths and yet very much accessible, this destination should definitely be considered by those who are looking for unexplored Polish delights. One day is definitely not […]

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IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka (Hotel Chronicles)

Name of the Hotel: IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka Website: Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 56, Lublin, Poland Hotel Chronicles – is a project about my stay in hotels During my latest Polish trip that included visiting Lublin, I was delighted to cooperate with IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka. They contacted me through Twitter and offered to host me in Lublin. It was

things to see in lublin
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8 amazing things to see in Lublin, Poland

Situated at the crossroads where the West meets the East, Lublin may seem like an ordinary mid-town Polish city. However, if you look closer and explore more you will discover that this city is a place to rival the top Polish destinations as Krakow or Warsaw in the richness of history and fascinating sights. Here

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5 Reasons to Visit Lublin, Poland

I have to make a confession – Lublin is one of my favorite cities in Poland. It is a perfect destinations for exploring rich history of Poland, admire the old town and be amazed by splendid architecture of many churches. That’s why I would like to share 5 reasons to visit Lublin! 1. Majestic Lublin castle

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