5 Reasons to Visit Lublin, Poland

I have to make a confession – Lublin is one of my favorite cities in Poland. It is a perfect destinations for exploring rich history of Poland, admire the old town and be amazed by splendid architecture of many churches. That’s why I would like to share 5 reasons to visit Lublin!

1. Majestic Lublin castle

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Having a castle in a city center is already quite cool. Lublin has a unique and beautiful one and it makes this castle a must-see!  It is one of the oldest preserved Royal residencies in Poland and a mix of architectural styles combining Polish Gothic and Gothic Revival.

2. Rynek (Central Square)

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Rynek is a heart of a typical Polish Old Town. Rynek in Lublin is superb and colorful! Probably one of the most picturesque ones in whole Poland. You can walk around the Central Square for hours catching the wonderful architectural details of old houses.

3. Krakowskie Przedmiescie

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Lublin Main Street. Krakowskie Przedmiescie is a vibrant and lively street and is a favorite place for social gatherings and entertainment for the Lublin dwellers. Take a stroll here, drink a coffee, eat some delicious local cuisine. It is a great spot to enjoy the city!

4. City of History

visit lublin

Being at the crossroads of cultures and religions Lublin has a very mixed historical background. That’s why a walk in an Old Town is like walking back in time. Every church, every street corner, every house has its own story to tell. So why not start exploring the magnificently rich history of this city?

5. City of Festivals

visit lublin

Why so? Lublin has this unofficial nickname as many different festivals are held here annually. Culture Night, OpenCity Festival, Jagiellonian Trades, Festival of Alternative Culture in Lublin, International Theatre Festival “Confrontations” and many many more! Go to the official website of the city and stay tuned what’s coming up.

Thank you for reading!

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