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9 most photogenic spots in Poznan, Poland

You fall in love with Poznan. At least it’s my story. I’ve been many times to this wonderful city and with each visit, I understood that there was so much more to discover. Here are the most photogenic spots in Poznan to discover on your next trip.

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Poland Travel Guide

7 magnificent photo reasons to visit Poznan, Poland

Have you ever thought to visit Poznan, Poland? While the tourist spotlight is usually directed at more well-known cities as Krakow and Warsaw, Poznan feels like a great destination to visit off the beaten Polish track. It is one of the most developed towns in the country with everything to cater to different traveler’s needs.

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Poland Travel Guide

5 amazing reasons to visit Poznan in Poland

With beautiful Old Town, vibrant food scene and plenty of things to do, Poznan is one of the most interesting destinations in Poland. Also, it is one of the oldest cities in the country. Let’s explore 5 amazing reasons to visit Poznan! 1. Colorful Old Town Having been heavily damaged in the years of WW2,

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