9 most photogenic spots in Poznan, Poland

You fall in love with Poznan. At least it’s my story. I’ve been many times to this wonderful city and with each visit, I understood that there was so much more to discover. Here are the most photogenic spots in Poznan to discover on your next trip.

At first, you’re mostly around Market Square engulfed by the colors and the history. Then you see Tumski Island soaking up even more history and marveling at the interactive Porta Posnania museum. As you dive deeper into what Poznan has to offer go further to Jeżyce and Malta. Each of these places leaves you with lots of exploration opportunities.

Today I want to share with you the spots all you photographers, bloggers, Instagrammers, and other tourists want the most, the places and angles that will look perfect in your feeds and messages to your friends. So welcome this list of 9 most photogenic spots in Poznan, Poland.

1. Epic Jesuit Church view

Where to stand: Świętosławska Street.

Why: basically, one of the most stunning vistas in Poznań. A street that ends with an elaborate church facade, a hands-down eye-candy of a view. You can also experiment with angles and adding terraces to the photo to make it even better. It’s one of the most photogenic spots in Poznan for sure.

What’s nearby: well, definitely check St Stanislaus (the Bishop) Church for a splendid interior.

2. Street view of the Market Square

Where to stand: at the crossing of Świętosławska and Wodna Streets.

Why: a great spot where you have a “window” view into the amazing Poznań Market Square with rows of houses and the iconic Old Town Hall.

What’s nearby: the cute monument to the fighting goats of Poznań on Kolegiacki square, a city’s symbol.

3. Classic Poznan shot

Where to stand: right in the middle of the Market Square with the colored merchant houses to your right and the imposing Gothic Town Hall nearby.

Why: that shot is a must. If you want a perfect one, watch out for the sun.

What’s nearby: explore the Poznan Historical Museum located right inside the Town Hall.

4. Colorful houses view

Where to stand: Woźna Street leading to the Market Square.

Why: it’s a beautiful view of streets leading to blue, red, and green facades of the merchant houses. Definitely photogenic.

What’s nearby: check out the Archaeological Museum in Poznań featuring an impressive collection of discoveries.

5. Glorious Castle view

Where to stand: you have several angle options, the best would be taking a pic from Ludgardy with a romantic way leading to the Castle.

Why: Poznań is famed for being one of the oldest cities in Poland with a rich royal history. That’s why it’s logical that it also has a castle and this castle is right in the heart of the city. Although it may look far from the original one, it’s still a great sight.

What’s nearby: Royal Castle houses a great Museum of Applied Arts so get in.

6. Bridge view of Tumski Island

Where to stand: at the end of the Jordan Bridge

Why: red color, steel, padlocks all over and a magnificent background make this place by far the most beautiful spot in the city. Poznań Cathedral is creating all the magic. Grab your camera and shoot!

What’s nearby: stroll around the Cathedral Island and visit the innovative Porta Posnania museum.

7. Any place as long as St. Martin’s croissant is in the picture

Where to stand: anywhere with a St. Martin’s croissant

Why: there’s one culinary thing the whole world should discover, – St. Martin’s Croissant. It’s heavenly delicious and it can be only found in Poznań (and there’s a legal requirement for that as well). This yummy white poppy seed marvel instantly makes every photo a Poznań photo. And it’s nearly impossible to make an unphotogenic photo with it.

What’s nearby: to become a real croissanosseur head to Poznań Croissant Museum and Experience for an interactive preparation and tasting session.

8. Schabowy view

Where to stand: the spot where locals eat their Schabowy (a Polish variety of Schnitzel) is Schabowszczak od Dziadka.

Why: because who doesn’t like to have a schnitzel photo and eat it too?

What’s nearby: just be there. And add some żurek with kompot to your order.

9. Street art view

Where to stand: the mural is on Śródka 3.

Why: having the name “A Tale of Śródka” this mural just looks great in pictures. And it’s one of the many murals and street art objects found in Poznan. Good news – you can have them all in one place, Poznań Travel has created a map of the city’s street art (including the vintage neon signs). You can download the map for free here.

What’s nearby: you can have a coffee with dessert at the pretty Dom na Srodce cafe.

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