Bratislava to Budapest: getting there by bus and by train

I would like to start a new series of articles on how to better navigate between the Central European cities and our today’s way is from Bratislava to Budapest.

Distance: 200 km.

Although these cities are not very far from each other and share some prominent history being both part of Austro-Hungary, the connection between them is not so much convenient and (what mattered for me the most at the time) cheap. Let’s take a look at the ways to get to Budapest from Bratislava.

Way 1 – Bus

Relatively cheap, relatively comfortable. Timetables are also relatively ok. You have several options if you choose to go on with the bus.

1) Regiojet

Tickets can be bough online here:

Probably would be the best option here. The buses of Regiojet are new, comfortable and have WiFi. They also have a vast timetable to choose from.

Also if you have ISIC student card you get a discount! 

Price: 8-10 EUR

2) Slovak Lines

Tickets can be bought here:

Price: 10 EUR

3) Eurolines

Tickets can be bought here:

They have this discount policy:


Basically it means that if you’re early and lucky enough you will get a ticket to Budapest for 5,50 EUR. And 5,50 ladies and gentlemen is a great price for this route. But be careful –the ticket cannot be cancelled or changed.


Way 2 – Train way


If you’re into train journeys, a train from Bratislava to Budapest won’t be the most scenic in your life. But if just love travelling by trains, have some Austro-Hungarian nostalgic mood or have buses, then this information will be useful for you.

Duration of train journey is 2hr 42min.

For timetable check the site of Slovak Rail:

Here is the whole price map for Hungarian routes from SR:


Ticket purchase is a bit tricky thing here. You can buy it only at the train station. Both Slovak Rail and Hungarian Rail have the same policy in this sensitive matter. Old School way.

But don’t worry, you always have the same price.

Way 3 – Romantic, Adventurous way

How about going with changes and crossing the border on foot? Sounds alright to you? Sounded alright to me at one point when I crossed the Hungarian border at the border town with unpronounceable name Sátoraljaújhely this year. I’ll write about it once, but today I want to give you tips on doing your own Central European border trip.

Step 1 – You book a train ticket to a Slovakian border city of Komárno.

Do it here:

Price: approx. 6.06 EUR

You can walk around Komárno, a city which is crucial for understanding the Slovakian-Hungarian relations. The town was split between two countries following World War 1.

Step 2 – You cross the bridge on foot connecting Hungary and Slovakia. The river underneath is Danube, by the way. After crossing the bridge you’ll find yourself in Hungarian Komárom

Step 3 – You check timetables for the train from Komárom to Budapest beforehand here:  and buy yourself a ticket to Budapest online or at the train station.

Price is approx. 6,10 EUR

Voila, you’ve got a little adventure!

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