Where to eat in Prague: TOP 3 great affordable places

Prague is a spectacular city packed with stunning churches, breathtaking views, and romantic atmosphere. Also, it boasts a rich gastronomical scene with many restaurants, bars, cafes to choose from. Let me share with you TOP 3 picks of great affordable places for tasty food in the capital of Czech Republic so now you will know where to eat in Prague!

1. Burrito Loco

where to eat in prague

Website: http://burritoloco.cz/

Address: 7 spots in Prague HERE

This food chain offers good quality affordable Mexican food. Tacos, quesadilla, burrito. All fresh, crispy and super tasty. Also, it is great if you want to have a decent meal on a budget.


  • Burrito Grande – 135 CZK (5 EUR)
  • Chicken Taco – 55 CZK (2 EUR)
  • Cheese Quesadilla – 119 CZK (4,40 EUR)

Full Menu: HERE

2. banh–mi–ba

where to eat in Prague

Website: http://banhmiba.cz/

Address: Rybná 26

Very cool place serving fine and good value Vietnamese food. Banh–mi–ba specializes in banh mi – traditional Vietnamese baguettes but you also can try here the bun mien (rice noodles) and pho soup. This place is clean, cozy, trendy and affordable.


  • Bahn mi baguette – starting from 90 CZK (3,39 EUR)
  • Bun cha nuong noodles – 120 CZK (4,5 EUR)

Menu snaps HERE and HERE

3. Wokin

where to eat in prague

Website: http://www.wokin.cz/

Address: Purkyňova 74/2

Whether you are a Wok lover or you just want to have an original and tasty meal, Wokin is a place to be. Stylish, minimalistic, it is a heaven for admirers of a simple taste of noodles. You come, you choose the noodle type, the meat/veggie option, additional ingredient, sauce and voila! You have your cup of delicious wok dish.


  • Cup of noodles from 120 CZK (4,50 EUR)

Menu: HERE

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