TOP 5 Romantic Destinations in Central Europe

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day today and it’s time to talk about the most romantic destinations in Central Europe. This part of the world has a lot to offer in terms of romance. There are many charming cities, beautiful castles and splendid views. Here are the best picks for spending a romantic holiday in Central Europe!

1. Wroclaw, Poland

wroclaw market square

Colorful old houses, splendid architecture, walks along the riverside, – Wroclaw is definitely a nice pick for a romantic holiday! One of the most beautiful cities in Poland has a lot of attractions to offer. It’s really easy to fall in love in Wroclaw and with Wroclaw.

Best romantic spot: Mathematical Tower of the University of Wroclaw offering amazing views over the Old Town!

2. Prague, Czech Republic

romantic destinations in central europe

No travel list about romance can be full without Prague. It is a magical destination. Boasting rich history, spectacular views of the Old Town, a Castle, and picturesque Vltava river, Prague is a top choice for a romantic escape!

Best romantic spot: Letna park with an awesome view over the Prague’s bridges

3. Eger, Hungary

reasons to visit eger

This small town in Northern Hungary is renowned for its splendid Baroque architecture, beautiful streets of the Old Town, northernmost minaret in the world and imposing castle. Great pick for a romantic retreat in Hungary!

Best romantic spot: Eger Castle with a beautiful view over the Old Town. Best seen at the sunset!

4. Spis Castle, Slovakia

spis castle

If you feel adventurous head to the magnificent UNESCO-protected Spis castle in Slovakia. It is a great hiking experience for all the history buffs. Spis castle is considered to be one of the most beautiful castle complexes in Europe. Why not spending time exploring ancient romantic ruins?

Best romantic spot: At the very top of a castle hill offering breathtaking view of Slovak countryside

5. Lviv, Ukraine

romantic destinations in central europe

With old narrow streets, numerous cafes, lots of historical attractions and welcoming attitude, Lviv is among the most charming cities in Ukraine. Also, it is a perfect destination for a romantic weekend!

Best romantic spot: The top of the City Hall offering superb views of UNESCO-protected Old Town of Lviv

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