5 awesome reasons to visit Lviv in Ukraine

If you’re you’re looking for a great destination in Ukraine, Lviv is definitely a city to choose! Plenty of things to do and see make this city in the Western Ukraine a must-see for anybody coming to the country. Let me share with you 5 awesome reasons to visit Lviv in Ukraine!

1. Magnificent UNESCO-protected Old Town

(reasons to visit Lviv)

things to see in lviv

Renowned for being the most beautiful city centre in the whole country, Lviv Old Town is a wonderful place to visit. Full of historic buildings, preserving the authentic vibes, this part of the city is an architectural gem of Ukraine. It is compact and accessible, offering a wide range of things to see and do. Here’s what UNESCO has to say about Lviv Old Town:

Lviv is an outstanding example of the fusion of the architectural and artistic traditions of eastern Europe with those of Italy and Germany

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2. One of the most beautiful opera buildings in Europe

(reasons to visit Lviv)

reasons to visit lviv

Lviv Opera is grandiose and elegant. It stands in the middle of a boulevard evoking the joie-de-vivre feel of the end of 19th century. It was built in the Austro-Hungarian times of Lviv, at the time being a capital of the autonomous province of Galicia. The interior is a quintessence of architectural beauty with golden ceilings, columns and statues.

3.  Unique blend of architectural styles

(reasons to visit Lviv)

reasons to visit Lviv

Lviv was always a Central European melting pot with many nationalities coexisting together. This led to a great architectural diversity. Also, being under the power of different states influenced the urban look of the city. Walking around Lviv is like travelling back in time. You start from the Renaissance buildings on the Market Square go further to see the Armenian Church then Baroque Dominican Church finally finding yourself surrounded by Art Nouveau mansions outside the Old Town.

4. Great coffee scene

(reasons to visit Lviv)

best coffee shops in Prague

Lviv is considered to be the unofficial capital of coffee in Ukraine. There are many coffee shops and the majority of them are serving a good quality coffee product. Indeed, beautiful Lviv is better enjoyed with a cup a coffee from one of the cosy cafeterias.

5. Well-connected to the rest of the world

(reasons to visit Lviv)

reasons to visit lviv
Lviv Railway Station

Whether you’re coming from other Ukrainian cities or from Europe, it is easy to get to Lviv. There are affordable IC trains coming from Kyiv and Przemysl in Poland. There are direct bus routes from many Polish cities and Prague. Also, there is an international airport that extends routes each year.

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