Boutique Hotel Seven Days Prague (Hotel Chronicles)

Name of the Hotel: Boutique Hotel Seven Days


Address: Žitná 46/572, Prague 2

Welcome to the third edition of the Hotel Chronicles series! This time I am partnering with an amazing Boutique Hotel Seven Days in Prague, Czech Republic

Hotel Chroniclesis a project about my stay in hotels. I will share with you my experience here, on the website as well as on my Twitter and Instagram

What is so special about this accommodation? Let me share with you the highlights of my stay in Boutique Hotel Seven Days

hotel seven days prague

1. Great location right in the heart of Prague

hotel seven days prague

Boutique Hotel Seven Days is very close both to the train station and the Old Town

A short walk of about 15 minutes will lead you to spectacular Old Town Square. 5 minutes more will get you to splendid Charles Bridge. The hotel is located a street away from the Wenceslas Square

It is set near the metro and the tram stops so you will be able to easily navigate around the beautiful Prague

2. Classiness

Boutique Hotel Seven Days is a 4-star hotel that lets you know that you are welcomed here!

Everything is clean and classy in this place

hotel seven days prague

The room is comfortable and bright, the service is top notch, the breakfasts are delicious

hotel seven days prague
Details of my room in the Boutique Hotel Seven Days Prague
hotel seven days prague
Breakfast in Hotel Seven Days Prague

3. Amazing setting in a beautiful building dating back to 19th century

hotel seven days prague

The setting of the Boutique Hotel Seven Days is one of the most impressive things about this accommodation

The building where it is housed is an amazing example of classicist architecture with symmetrical lines, curious details and the grandeur

4. A genuine atmosphere of the “Old World” European hotel

When I first entered the place I felt like travelling back to the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You can see the splendour of the Belle Époque in the elegant interiors, charming little decoration details, the friendly attitude of the maître d’hôtel

Just look at this impressive staircase

hotel seven days prague

Staying in this hotel will remind you of the Wes Anderson’s “Grand Hotel Budapest” and will make your Central European journey more authentic

5. Romantic break perfection

hotel seven days prague

All the aforementioned features of the Boutique Hotel Seven Days make it an ideal place for a romantic break in the City of a Thousand Spires

Staying in such an authentic place can perfectly add up to the charming Prague experience and enhance it

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