5 amazing winter activities in High Tatras, Slovakia

Going to High Tatra mountains during winter is a great thing to do! You get a spectacular snowy panorama, lots of fresh air and plenty of amazing adventures to partake while you’re there.

In order to have a great winter adventure, it is necessary to choose the right organizer. One of the best companies operating on a Slovak tourist market is with no doubt Adventoura Slovakia. With its enthusiastic and innovative owner Erik you may be sure that your High Tatras experience will be top notch.

Here are 5 amazing winter activities to try in the High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

1. Husky dog sledding adventure

winter activities in high tatras
Photo credit: Adventoura Slovakia

Who doesn’t like huskies? They are cute, they are friendly and cheerful! Dog sledding with huskies is an exciting and refreshing winter activity that can be a highlight of your winter leisure in the High Tatras. It feels great to ride in a sleigh through the white wonderland of Slovak forest!

Book your husky winter adventure HERE

2. Horse sleigh ride

winter activities in high tatras
Photo credit: Adventoura Slovakia

One of the cool things to do while in the High Tatras is definitely a horse sleigh adventure. You roam the winter forest in a sleigh enjoying the chilly air and admiring the beautiful natural panoramas. Afterwards, you have a bonfire with traditional music and tasty sausage dinner accompanied by hot wine and tea. Isn’t it a great way to spend your winter evening in Slovakia? It certainly is!

Book your horse sleigh ride HERE

3. Snowshoeing adventure

winter activities in high tatras
Photo credit: Adventoura Slovakia

Have you ever tried snowshoeing? It is an amazing way to enjoy the winter in the mountains. The Slovakian terrain offers plenty of opportunities for great snowshoeing experience and Adventoura has five different routes to satisfy the different snowshoeing needs. You take on the snowshoes and enjoy the surrounding panoramas slowly walking through the snow.

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4. Skijoring adventure

winter activities in high tatras
Photo credit: Adventoura Slovakia

Skijoring is a name of the exciting winter activity that involves the skier and the horse that pulls him. It is an experience to take your skiing skills to the next level as well as great way to actively spend your winter holidays in the High Tatras. If you have basic skiing skills you should try skijoring and have your dose of winter fun!

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5. Slovakia Ski Tour package

winter activities in high tatras
Photo credit: Adventoura Slovakia

If there are snowy mountains there’s a great skiing! The Slovak High Tatras offer great opportunities to skiers of all levels and ages. Adventoura Slovakia has a great 7 day Ski Tour that allows you to get the most of the beautiful High Tatra mountains hassle-free and all-organized. It is one of the best ways to have an amazing winter holiday, discover magnificent Slovak mountains and enjoy skiing.

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Check out the website of Adventoura Slovakia for more great adventure tours!

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