11 photo reasons to fall in love with Plaka neighbourhood in Athens, Greece

Athens is a magnificent city of many sides that will be interesting for all the kinds of travellers. It has everything to be one of the hotspots of European tourism. What makes Athens really unique is its neighbourhoods. You can endlessly wander from one neighbourhood to another exploring picturesque streets, quirky details and beautiful corners. One of the coolest neighbourhoods of Athens is Plaka.

Let me share with you 11 photo reasons to fall in love with Plaka neighbourhood in Athens, Greece!


Plaka is the old neighbourhood of Athens situated at the footsteps of Acropolis


It is nicknamed “Neighbourhood of the Gods” for its location next to the ancient Greek sites


Plaka neighbourhood is renowned for its colorful features


Plaka is famous for the neoclassical architecture


This neighbourhood is a feast for eyes and a great location for any photographer


Plaka is the oldest neighbourhood in Athens


Here you find the trendiest restaurants and bars in the Greek capital


Plaka neighbourhood is a perfect place to get lost


It is a great escape from the big-city bustle of Athens


Plaka is bursting in colors during the night


And has a truly magical atmosphere

This article is done in a partnership with the City of Athens 

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