5 great reasons to visit Lodz, Poland

Let’s be frank, Lodz is not a city that comes to mind first when one thinks about Poland. Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw instantly appear on a regular tourist route of this Central European country. It makes Lodz an underdog. And it has it’s day right now. 

I have to admit myself that I haven’t expected much from this city before coming. And it is a good thing. Because what I experienced was a complete surprise. A very pleasant one. I saw a living city full of top-notch attractions, original in its proposition and very open for those who’d like to uncover its secrets.

Łódź is pronounced as “Woodge” and translated from Polish as a “boat”

Let me share with you the 5 great reasons to visit Lodz!

1. Walk along the longest promenade in Poland

Piotrkowska street is a heart of Lodz. It is the most significant, sights-packed and, well, beautiful streets in the city. And it is absolutely attention-worthy! You have a 4.2 km of palaces, villas, churches, statues, memorials, shops, restaurants and cafes. It is a place to be when in Lodz and one of the coolest streets in Poland! Take a relaxing stroll and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the third biggest Polish city.

2. Explore the spectacular architecture

Throughout its history, Lodz was one of the most prominent industrial centres of Poland boasting murky red-bricked factories neighbouring splendid palaces of the industrialists who owned them. The city was a textile powerhouse rapidly growing over the course of the 19th century. That’s why now Lodz is one of the best cities in Poland for exploring architecture. Also, it has a truly eclectic mix of the buildings blending baroque, classicism, neo-gothic and Art Nouveau in one cityscape.

3. See the fascinating urban transformation

If you came to Lodz a decade ago you would see a depressing industrial city full of greyness. It is not the case now. This town is a curious success story of transformation and revitalization. This change can be best seen in the former glorious factories. The majority of them were turned into shopping centres, art galleries, cultural platforms and entertainment venues. The city literally rose up from the ashes and reinvented itself.

The revitalized spaces to check out include:

4. Be awe-inspired by the street art scene

Lodz is a colourful explosion of street art. Right now it is one of the hottest spots in Europe to find cool murals. Here and there the enormous paintings hail the walls of the buildings creating a wild mix of old and new. This city is great at playing with contrasts and it’s great to be a spectator in this game.

5. Go museum hopping

Start your museum day by visiting the Museum of the City of Lodz set in the magnificent Izrael Poznański Palace. Then proceed with the Museum of the Factory at the revitalized Manufaktura complex. Don’t forget to check out the modern art in MS2, one of the best museums of its kind in Poland. Also, pay a visit to the Museum of Cinematography to find out more about the world-famous Lodz film school.







This article is done in the cooperation with Lodz Tourist Organization

Find out more about the city HERE

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