One day in Wroclaw, Poland: your perfect sightseeing itinerary

So you have decided to come to amazing Wroclaw. If you haven’t here’s my article on 5 reasons to visit this beautiful Polish city

What do you need upon arrival? A good sightseeing plan for sure! So here it is – your perfect sightseeing itinerary for spending an amazing one day in Wroclaw!


First thing’s first – start your one day in Wroclaw by heading straight to the heart of the city, stunning Market Square.

Instantly you’re greeted by the magnificent Old City Hall – a splendid building that incorporates the best of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

one day in wroclaw

You can check my article on the TOP 5 must-see sights of the Market Square of Wroclaw

Wander around admiring the beautiful coloured houses on the Market Square then head to the picturesque Garrison Church. What you want is a breathtaking panorama of the city seen from the top of the Garrison’s Church Tower!

Be sure to climb up the Tower for this view

one day in wroclaw

Information about visiting the Garrison Church’s Tower can be found HERE

Complete your morning in Wroclaw by visiting picturesque Solny Square right next to the Market Square and start your dwarf hunt!

Wroclaw Dwarfs (Krasnale) are one of the symbols of the city. There are more than 300 dwarf statues all around Wroclaw and they are put by inhabitants for different reasons. There is a student dwarf, the dwarfs firefighters, the orchestra of dwarfs and so on

For more information on where to find the Wroclaw Dwarfs go HERE

It’s time for a coffee break. For one of the best coffee experiences in the city visit Gniazdo


It’s time to explore more of wonderful Wroclaw! Your next stop of the one-day in Wroclaw itinerary is the Museum of the University of Wroclaw set in a beautiful Baroque complex in the Old Town of the city.

An absolute must-see there is Aula Leopoldina – probably one of the most stunning Baroque interiors in the whole country.

one day in wroclaw
Stunning Baroque Aula Leopoldina

Also, don’t forget to go to the top of the Mathematical Tower for some fine city views

one day in wroclaw

All the information about visiting the Museum of the University of Wroclaw can be found HERE

For an affordable lunch experience follow the queues standing at the entrance of Bar Miś (Kuźnicza 48) – an iconic Bar Mleczny (milk bar) or simply speaking a traditional Polish cafeteria. Prices here are extra low, food is extra good.

Once you’re fueled with food go to the Cathedral Island – the oldest part of the city and a home to wonderful architectural monuments.

Make a picture of a Tumski Bridge and proceed with admiring the architectural grandeur of the Holy Cross Church and then the stunning St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral.

one day in wroclaw

Be sure to visit the Archdiocesan Museum boasting the Book of Henryków which contains the first sentence written in the Polish language.

If you still have time and stamina go up the Tower of the St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral for the amazing panoramas of the Cathedral Island and the city.

one day in wroclaw

All the information about visiting the Tower of the St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral can be found HERE

After exploring Cathedral Island go to another impressive sight of Wroclaw – the Panorama of Raclawice

Panorama of Raclawice is a painting by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossack that is exhibited in a special rotunda. It is 15 metres tall and 114 long

If you are still keen on exploring don’t miss the UNESCO World Heritage site – the Centennial Hall.

To reach it take a tram 2 or 10 from the city center.

one day in wroclaw

Centennial Hall is one of the most prominent modernist buildings in the world. Designed by Max Berg and constructed in 1913, it was an architectural milestone of its time


Spend a great evening in one of the cultural hotspots of Wroclaw – elegant Opera or modern National Forum of Music

Tickets for the Opera can be booked HERE

Tickets for the National Forum of Music can be booked HERE

Finishing your one day in Wroclaw, for a great dinner, you can visit:

  • for Polish cuisine – Bernard
  • for a vibrant burger place – Pasibus

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