My one day in Lviv: exploring the Old Town

This time I came to Lviv for some inspiration. I had to finish an article for CNN and just couldn’t stay in Kyiv, the traffic, the rush, the rhythm was killing my writing endeavors. I decided to escape to the city where everything is slower. Lviv was a good pick.

I wasn’t planning anything particular, just went with the flow. Naturally, I’ve found myself in the Old Town, the heart of this Western Ukrainian city. The fairytale for those who see it for the first time, the tourist rollercoaster for those who live here. Something of both for me. The more I visit Lviv the more I understand that there are just so many things to explore here. The architecture is crazy. Feels like it has absorbed all the possible styles that can exist in Central Europe.

That’s how you enter the Old Town of Lviv

There’s a decent cinema in that building

Turning to one of my favorite streets, Virmenska (Armenian). Many streets in the Old Town of Lviv are named according to the former medieval quarters where different nationalities lived. There are Ruska and Staroyevreyska (Jewish) streets.

Armenian Church, the jewel of Lviv

Cozy courtyard next to the Armenian church

Cozy courtyard in the cozy courtyard next to the Armenian Church

Going further along Virmenska street

A little turn to Lesi Ukrainky street

That’s an iconic view. Dominican Cathedral, one of the most epic buildings in whole country.

Right next to the Cathedral Nikifor Krynicki (a primitivist painter) observes the Kornyakt tower of the Dormition Church.

The Courtyard of the Dormition Church.

Next to the church you find my favorite Art Nouveau building in the city, a former seat of Dnister society, now a municipal clinic. Currently it holds a 3.4 rating on Google Maps which is in no way good.

Ruins of the Golden Rose Synagogue, entering the former Jewish quarter.

Typical old town view

Snow is comfortably enjoying the time around Lviv streets absolutely ignored by the officials.

Cozy little square.

There’s a street with many names. All names are the names of the famous movie directors.

Another grandiose opus of church architecture, the Bernardine Church.

Lviv Cathedral in all its morning glory.

Glorious Ratusha or the Town Hall of Lviv. You can climb to the very top of the tower for the fantastic Old Town views.

Walking around the iconic Market Square, the heart of the Old Town filled with all the touristy stuff. Also very photogenic.

Lviv parking culture in one photo.

Just casually enjoying their time with some parrots.

Or whatever bird it is.

St. Peter and Paul’s church that during the Soviet times was a book storage.

Some festive marketing involving deer and the sledge.

That’s it. Thanks for walking with me around the Old Town.

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