3 reasons to visit Café Gerbeaud, a sweet icon of Budapest (UPDATED 2024)

There are good places and there are places that define the city. Café Gerbeaud is both. Set right in the heart of the glorious Hungarian capital, it has been supplying chocolate-loving locals and city visitors for more than 160 years. 160 years is a truly impressive history in a world where restaurants struggle to stay open for more than 9 months. 

I had the pleasure to visit it during my last Budapest trip and God I was pleasantly impressed by the taste of the local desserts. Here are the 3 reasons why you should pay a visit too.

1. The interior

cafe gerbeaud

There are many beautiful coffee shops and confectioneries in Budapest. And then there’s Gerbeaud. Old drapes, grandiose chandeliers, spacious halls, and big panoramic windows overlooking the central Vörösmarty tér. You just have to be in such a place to sense the spirit of Old Europe in the Hungarian capital.

cafe gerbeaud
cafe gerbeaud
cafe gerbeaud

2. The desserts

cafe gerbeaud

These guys have been around for more than a century, so it is easy to assume that they know what they’re doing. Also, it would be completely true. Gerbeaud is famous for its selection of Hungarian cakes. Your mission would be to try them.

cafe gerbeaud
Dobos cake

Must-tries include:

  • Dobos cake
  • Esterházy cake
  • Salty-peanuts apricot cake
  • Somlói sponge cake
cafe gerbeaud
Salty-peanuts apricot cake

They have many more, you can find the impressive list HERE

cafe gerbeaud
Somlói sponge cake

3. The atmosphere

cafe gerbeaud

This place is the city’s icon. It is as true to the character of Budapest as the view of the Parliament from the Danube bank and as the symmetrical vista of St.  Stephen’s Basilica. It has the atmosphere to sense and it welcomes you with flair.

This article was done in cooperation with Café Gerbeaud

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