One day in Brussels, Belgium

Once Brussels was the city I wanted to belong to. As a student of the European Union’s hottest law school, the Belgian capital was the beginning and the end, the place where you dream to live and work in. In the end, I discovered that, in fact, Brussels may not be the city for me. […]


What to do in Mechelen, Belgium

Two weeks ago I had a chance to visit the magnificent Antwerp as a part of the press trip with Lublin Airport. While the capital of Flanders offers many attractions of its own, I am the type of a traveler who likes to constantly change the scenery and if there’s a chance to explore more, I

weekend in antwerp

How to spend a perfect weekend in Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium is a wonderful country. It has lots of fantastic architectural sights, the beer scene is amazing and the cities are beautiful. One of the most beautiful ones is with no doubt Antwerp, capital of Flanders as well as “diamond capital of the world”. I had a chance to spend a lovely weekend in Antwerp


Bruges on a budget: accommodation, eating and sightseeing

Bruges is very expensive city. That’s a fact. But it is also a fairytale. And who wouldn’t like to live in a fairytale for a┬ácouple of days? However, sometimes it can become a real price nightmare. Don’t worry, I’ve got some tips for you how to save and get the most out of it. Let’s


TOP 5 Free And Cheap Things To Do In Brussels

So you’re going to Brussels and you want to do it on a budget. Good news: there are some interesting things you can do for FREE. And if you know where to look you can find really good discounts. The TOP 5 I mention here is fully based on my own experience. Let’s start: 1.

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