Top 5 places to visit in Slovenia: caves, castles and cities

When it comes to places to visit in Slovenia you have a variety of options. One rule: Slovenia is not Slovakia and Slovakia is not Slovenia. Time after time confusion arises.  The truth is that both countries are beautiful. But today we’ll be talking about Slovenia. Slovenia may be a small country but it is a very diverse one. In just 100 km distance you can see the Alps, plains and the sea.

1) Ljubljana

places to visit in slovenia

My opinion, – one of the most comfortable capitals I have ever visited. With high level of development, spectacular historical sights and friendly people Ljubljana is a perfect city to live in. And to explore. Go to the top of the castle hill to admire the beautiful cityscape, stroll along the river bank and see the three bridges becoming one.

2) Postojna cave and castle

places to visit in slovenia

The most visited place in Slovenia. A natural wonder with a rail inside and a unique castle outside. You just cannot miss it, this is a must-see for Slovenia but also it is a all-European must-see.

3) Bled

places to visit in slovenia

Bled is just breathtaking natural site. It is a beautiful lake in the mountains with the scenic church on the island right at the middle and a castle on one of the hills above it. You’ve probably seen the pictures of Bled somewhere because it is a favorite spot for photographers from all over the world.

4) Piran

places to visit in slovenia

Little picturesque sea town offering splendid sea views. Red roofs, pristine Adriatic sea and rich history. Was under the rule of Austro-Hungary, then Italy and then finally Slovenia. Your perfect leisure destination and summer tourism hotspot.

5) Ptuj

places to visit in slovenia

Little town in Northeast Slovenia. My personal last year discovery. Charmed me with well-preserved old city, majestic castle with an interesting museum of musical instruments inside and great views of rural Slovenia. Very welcoming and cosy. Great destination for lovers of green tourism and slow-paced travelling.

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