5 Reasons to Visit Kezmarok in Slovakia

Kezmarok may be a small city but it offers a lot in terms of sights. Having a rich history, being one of the historical free royal towns in Slovakia it is definitely a must-see of Eastern part of this Central European country. Let me share with you 5 reasons to visit Kezmarok.

1. Castle right in the city center

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That’s a great sight to have, isn’t it? Castles are always loved by pretty much everyone. Kezmarok castle gained its contemporary Renaissance form after extensive rebuilding, proceeding in various stages in the years 1572-1624. It is a highlight of the Old Town.

“Kezmarok is first time mentioned as a town in 1269, when Hungarian King Belo IV. Granted it city rights and privileges. The town was situated near important business routes from Orient to Northern Europe and this supported its fast development”

2. Colorful old houses

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Kezmarok is old and beautiful. The city center feels like walking in an open-air museum of Slovak history. As throughout its history the city has been an important center of trade, many guilds were established here.

 “The existence of 21 guilds is documented by the end of the 17th century. The first factory in Kežmarok, mechanical flax weaving manufacture, founded in 1860, only followed the long tradition of wool and linen making in Kežmarok, goods which were”

3. Unique Protestant wooden articled church (UNESCO protected)

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If you were not yet convinced to visit Kezmarok, this should really boost your interest. Beautiful wooden Protestant church, unique building for this part of Europe. You see, Kezmarok has it all to be a perfect Slovak destination.

“Protestant church was built in 1717 next to an older sacral stone building from 1593, which today is a sacristy. This unique wooden building made of yew and red spruce wood was built without using a single metal component. The Baroque interior of the church is also made of wood. Of immense artistic value is also the church organ with wooden pipes”

4. Blend of architectural styles

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You can find many architectural styles just strolling along the Old Town of Kezmarok. Late Gothic Basilica of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Eclectic New Evangelical Cathedral, Classicist Town Hall and Secessionist Railway station. Pretty impressive mix for such a small city.

5. Proximity to High Tatras

visit kezmarok

High Tatra Mountains are stunningly beautiful and definitely a place to be in Slovakia all year round. Kezmarok is situated right at the footsteps of High Tatras, just 15 minute drive from Tatranska Lomnica. This proximity makes it a perfect destination for all the mountain lovers!

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