Top 5 places to visit in Northern Hungary

Hungary is a great country for tourism. Every region has its own unique flair. Northern Hungary is not an exception. Home to the mountains, national parks, cultural and architectural heritage, this part of the country should definitely be in the itinerary of a curious traveler. So let’s explore 5 places to visit in Northern Hungary!

1. UNESCO-protected village of Holloko

northern hungary

One of the most charming places in Hungary, Holloko village is a unique open-air museum. Here you can explore beautiful old traditional houses or an imposing fortress on the hill. This little village has everything to be your next top destination in Hungary!

2. Miskolc

northern hungary
Hungarian Snow / Flickr

The center of Northern Hungary, the fourth biggest city in the country, Miskolc is starting to locate itself on the modern tourist map of Hungary. It is a city with rich history, grandiose castle ruins on the outskirts and beautiful Secession architecture. Also, Miskolc is famous for Miskolctapolca spa resort. Impressive 150m long Cave Bath is considered to be one of the most beautiful baths in Hungary.

3. Eger

reasons to visit eger

With narrow streets, well-preserved castle and Baroque architecture, Eger is considered to be one the most beautiful cities in Hungary. Also, it has the northernmost minaret in Europe and rich historical value to Hungary. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to put one more city on your travel list!

4. Lillafured

northern hungary

One of the most scenic places in Hungary, Lillafured would be a perfect spot for Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” film lovers. Why? It has the charm of the Old Europe: beautiful lake, grandiose hotel-palace with a magical park surrounded by waterfalls and mountains. Great place to visit while you’re in Hungary!

5. Bukk National Park

northern hungary
Steve Talas / Flickr

A superb destination for all the nature lovers, Bukk National Park is a large mountainous area covered in forest. You can explore numerous walking paths, climb the rocks, go inside UNESCO-protected Aggtelek cave, – this national park is a highlight of green tourism in Hungary.

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