Wroclaw Market Square – TOP 5 must-see sights

Market Square or Rynek is the heart of a Polish town, historical core of urban life. Market squares define the cityscape. Wroclaw is no exception, having one of the most beautiful market squares in whole Poland. Also its second biggest (after Rynek of Krakow). So today I would like to show you 5 must-see sights that can be found on Wroclaw Market Square.

1. Splendid Old Town Hall

wroclaw market square

Built in Gothic style in the 13th century, this beautiful town hall never ceases to impress ever since. It is one of the landmarks of Wroclaw, an attraction that usually pops in mind when you think of this Polish city. Also, in the cellar of the Town Hall, you can find… one of the oldest running pubs in the world! Quite impressive, isn’t it?

2. St. Elizabeth’s Church

wroclaw market square

Located comfortably on the outskirts of Wroclaw Market Square, this church dominates over the Old Town. It was constructed in the Gothic style in the 14th century so it is very old. Also, it offers the best panoramas of the Old Town from the observation deck located on the top of church’s tower.

3. Beautiful colorful houses

wroclaw market square

One of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Wroclaw is its architecture. Market square has the most of it, shining with colorful facades of old beautiful houses that come from different periods of the city’s rich history. You can spend hours simply wandering from one house to another studying wonderful architectural details or simply admiring the sculptural elements.

4. Perfect symmetry of Sukiennice street

wroclaw market square

Once a place where medieval traders would sell their goods, now a street right at the center of a market square, Sukiennice is a beautiful street to explore. While you can no longer find the guilds of the past here, it is an authentic place to enjoy coffee or a meal in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants situated inside the historic houses.

5. Wroclaw dwarf statues

wroclaw market square

One of the interesting highlights of Wroclaw are the dwarfs. Not the real once, but the statues. Once a symbol of a protest movement, now the wroclawskie krasnale have their proud place on the urban map of this Polish city. Just outside the Rynok square you can find one of the most popular and loved dwarf statue, – Syzifki or two little dwarfs trying to move the big stone. If you want to take a self-guided tour to find all the dwarfs check this: http://krasnale.pl/en/

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