5 amazing reasons to visit Poznan in Poland

With beautiful Old Town, vibrant food scene and plenty of things to do, Poznan is one of the most interesting destinations in Poland. Also, it is one of the oldest cities in the country. Let’s explore 5 amazing reasons to visit Poznan!

1. Colorful Old Town

reasons to visit poznan

Having been heavily damaged in the years of WW2, right now thanks to thorough restoration works Poznan Old Town shines in its fine Renaissance glory. Poznan’s Rynek square is one of the most impressive in Poland with lines of colorful guild houses.

2. Splendid Town Hall

reasons to visit Poznan

One of the finest architectural masterpieces of Poland, impressive Poznan Town Hall is a highlight you cannot miss. Stunning with golden details, mannerist architecture and ornate palazzo-inspired loggia, this landmark is a great sight of this Polish city. Also, there are two little goat statues that butt each other daily, – a fun tourist attraction.

3. City of Beautiful Churches

reasons to visit poznan

Poznan’s oldest part is Ostrow Tumski about which Pope John Paul II once said: “Poland began here”. Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul on Ostrow Tumski is one of the finest in the city. Head to the Old Town for spectacular Collegiate Church and impressive Church of St. Francis of Assisi. In terms of beautiful religious architecture Poznan has a lot to offer!

4. Cool Street Food Scene

reasons to visit poznan

Corndogs, burgers of all tastes, ramen, reubens, hotdog stands – Poznan has it all! This city is one of the centers of high quality and original street food in Poland. Piekary 1 is the street food hotspot with numerous food stands gathered in one place.

5. Architectural mix

reasons to visit poznan

Imposing Neo-Romanesque Imperial castle, Classicist Grand Theatre, Art Nouveau buldings, medieval houses and Renaissance palaces, – Poznan is a melting pot of different architectural styles. And it is wonderful! You can spend hours exploring different parts of the city being astonished by architectural details.

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