7 amazing reasons to visit Krakow, Poland

If you’re looking for a perfect destination in Central Europe – choose Krakow! Second largest city and one of the oldest towns in Poland surely is a highlight of European tourism and a historical and cultural gem. With awesome UNESCO-protected Historical Centre, vibrant city life and rich food scene, Krakow is a great place to visit. Let’s explore 7 amazing reasons to visit Krakow!

1. Wawel Castle

reasons to visit Krakow

One of the most spectacular European castle complexes, Wawel boasts superb views, beautiful architecture and great historical value. Visit the stunning Wawel Church, explore the Crown Treasury and take a walk around the Renaissance courtyard. It is a Krakow must-see!

2. St. Mary’s Basilica

reasons to visit Krakow

A spectacular jewel of Krakow, St. Mary’s Basilica is among the most beautiful cathedrals in Poland. Go inside to be stunned by the Veit Stoss altarpiece – largest Gothic altarpiece in the World.

3. Main Square

reasons to visit Krakow

Being one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe, Krakow Main Square is a great highlight of the city. You can spend hours wandering around and admiring beautiful houses and exploring superb Renaissance Cloth Hall. 

4. Beautiful architecture

reasons to visit Krakow

The variety of architectural styles and vast well-preserved historical city center make Krakow a great destination for all the architecture lovers! Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, Classicist and Art Nouveau buildings of Krakow await curious travelers to fascinate and inspire.

5. Charming Kazimierz district

reasons to visit Krakow

With its picturesque old streets, rich Jewish history and a vibrant nightlife, Kazimierz district of Krakow is a highlight of the city.

6. Tasty Food

reasons to visit krakow

Polish food is amazing! It is simple, tasty and super affordable. In Krakow you can get the best taste of it in numerous restaurants, milk bars (traditional Polish canteens) and pubs.

7. Wieliczka Salt Mine

reasons to visit Krakow

Amazing UNESCO World Heritage site, Wieliczka is a spectacular place to visit. Opened in the 13-th century, boasting numerous underground passages, a stunning chapel and an underground lake, this attraction is a Polish must-see! And it is just 30 minutes away from Krakow.

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