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Poland Travel Guide is about the best things to do, see, and experience in Poland.

Poland Travel Guide

TOP 3 best cheap eats in Poznan, Poland (with prices)

While Poland may not necessarily feel as an expensive country (from the Western European point of view), Poznan is considered to be affordable even by Polish standards. This bustling city situated right between Berlin and Warsaw is a go-to destination for foodies who want to experience more tasty meals for less. And the variety of

Market Square in Poznan
Poland Travel Guide

Exploring the colorful Market Square in Poznan, Poland

Poznan is a very interesting city to visit in Poland. One of my personal favorites actually. The heart of the Old Town is (as in almost every Polish major city) the Market Square. The one in Poznan is definitely among the country’s most beautiful ones. Rows of colorful houses, a kaleidoscope of fascinating architecture, plenty

Poland Travel Guide

9 most photogenic spots in Poznan, Poland

You fall in love with Poznan. At least it’s my story. I’ve been many times to this wonderful city and with each visit, I understood that there was so much more to discover. Here are the most photogenic spots in Poznan to discover on your next trip.

museums in torun
Poland Travel Guide

5 amazing museums in Torun, Poland you should definitely visit

Torun is truly a fairytale city. With spectacular Gothic architecture, the delicious scent of the gingerbread on every corner and the best-preserved Old Town in Poland, this city should be in a bucket list of any traveler. But one thing is to see it from the outside, another is experiencing it and getting to know

one day in lublin
Poland Travel Guide

One day in Lublin: what to see, where to eat and drink

If you want to explore everyday Poland, midsize Poland with its beauties and cultural highlights, Lublin is a go-to city. Located a bit outside of the most popular tourist paths and yet very much accessible, this destination should definitely be considered by those who are looking for unexplored Polish delights. One day is definitely not

visit poznan
Poland Travel Guide

7 magnificent photo reasons to visit Poznan, Poland

Have you ever thought to visit Poznan, Poland? While the tourist spotlight is usually directed at more well-known cities as Krakow and Warsaw, Poznan feels like a great destination to visit off the beaten Polish track. It is one of the most developed towns in the country with everything to cater to different traveler’s needs.

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