TOP 5 Free Things to Do in Prague

The Czech capital is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Lots of tourists arrive here every day to admire the magnificent Old Town. With many tourists comes the vast tourist proposition from museums, restaurants and shops. Nevertheless, there is a selection of awesome free things to do in Prague. Let me share them with you!

1. Go on a Free Tour

free things to do in prague

This is the advice I give to every Prague newcomer. What’s the better way to see and understand the city than taking a tour? Right, the Free Tour! If you’re not familiar with the concept – free tour is an excursion that works solely for the tips. If you liked the tour – you give a tip to the guide, if you didn’t, well, you don’t give the money. If you don’t have the money – it is a free tour after all! Pretty simple and efficient.

There are plenty of options to choose from offering different routes:

Tours usually are organised daily.

2. Enjoy splendid Prague views

views of Prague

Prague is a hilly city and there are numerous free spots to admire it! Whether you want to see the beautiful panorama of Prague bridges or you would like to be amazed by the picturesque towers of the Old Town, there is a big choice of viewpoints and the majority of them are absolutely free.

I wrote an article about TOP 5 viewpoints of Prague with directions, so check it out for details!

3. Explore beautiful churches of Prague

free things to do in prague

Prague is famous for its churches. The majority of churches have free admission. Why not benefit from it and enjoy the amazing interiors? It can be splendid St. Vitus Cathedral or Gothic masterpiece – Church of Our Lady before Týn. Be sure to check the working schedule of a church beforehand as it can be closed. Also, some churches are only open during the religious services. You can use either the official website of the church for information or Google Maps.

4. Enter museums for free

free things to do in prague

This one is quite tricky because there are certain days when the museums are offering free admission. You can be there during that day or you can’t. Nevertheless, here is a great source to find out what museums have a free admission and when:

5. Admire modern art

free things to do in prague

Prague is fortunate (or not, depends on who you ask) to have one of the most talented modern artists in Europe – David Cerny. His works can be found in many neighbourhoods of Prague, both in the city centre and outside. The list includes such artistic gems as giant black babies crawling up the Zizkov TV tower, Sigmund Freud hanging from the roof and my favourite – self-rotating giant head of Franz Kafka. Quite interesting, don’t you think? And to admire these magnificent pieces of modern art you don’t have to spend a penny!

Check this article for more information about the sculptures and where to find them!

Thank you for reading!

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